Disney’s Biggest Secret


Chances are you have no idea what club 33 is. You are not alone. Club 33 is a hidden club inside Disneyland on the original side. This club is hidden in plain sight as it is in the middle of New Orleans Square. There is a door with the number 33 next to it. Although this club is unheard of by most the wait list to get in is not a short one. The waiting list is years long and that isn’t accounting for the costly payments you will be paying to maintain a membership.

The 1964 World’s Fair proved to be such an opportunity and Walt decided to not only give investors an incentive to hop on board with Disney but to reward his imagineers. The name club 33 has many explanations, but if you ask a cast member at Disney they will tell you it comes from the address on Royal Street. While Walt Disney was at the world fair, he visited many VIP clubs and lounges for sponsors and valued customers. He loved and enjoyed the idea of a VIP lounge so much that he brought it to Disney land. There are conspiracies that there are hidden lounges spread out through Disney World in Florida, but these conspiracies have not been proven.

Although access to a membership at Club 33 can be extensive and expensive it is worth the cost. Not only do they grant you access to the club but you can request to ride the train, mark twain, and get access to the club at the other park. This exclusive club on the other side of the park is known as club 1901. It is a lounge area where members can order snacks and beverages. It is a cozy, California style hang out area. It is names 1901 after the year Walt Disney was born. These benefits are just the ones we know about. Who knows what else could be hidden away.

I did some research of my own and found something nobody has ever been able to prove. After looking at the Disney website I found that if you look up club 33 one of the results is a club 33 magic band. When you open this link it leads to a step by step process on how to get a club 33 pass. This proves that there must be more than the clubs at Disney Land. First it talks about the process of how you get your special magic band verified to enter club. Only the Disney World in Orlando uses magic bands. This means that there must be a club 33 of sorts located in Disney World.

In conclusion Disney’s club 33 has remained to be Disney’s best kept secret in the park. For all we know there is still more to be discovered about club 33. Although the benefits of the club membership can be very tempting, remember a membership has been said to be up to $10,000 a year. Whether it is worth it or not is up to you although I do not find it worth it unless you have money to throw around, or you are so passionate about the park. The mystery of the locations of the club have yet to be discovered and hopefully will soon be leaked or confirmed one way or another. Until all these facts have been confirmed all club 33 Disney World is, is a myth.



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