2017 NFL DRAFT… Who will be picked??

2017 NFL DRAFT, who will be picked?

It’s that time of year again, every College Football players dream, and often the NFL fans favorite day of the year. Yes, I’m talking about the 2017 NFL Draft. College football players go through a grueling couple month process that shows their determination and work ethic. They start with having a great season and proving they are good enough players to get NFL coaches attention. If they are lucky enough to do this, they might get invited to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Here they show off their skills, and get rated on their abilities. After they prove their good enough to get a good rating they participate in their Colleges Pro Day which is like the NFL Combine, but with more focus on the individual player. All this hard work and they are still not guaranteed to get drafted./ The NFL Draft has 7 rounds with a pick for every team in each round, still making it hard to get drafted because only the top 200 or so players get drafted leaving over 1000 unsigned players crushed of their dream. In this article we will look at the Top 10 picks and what these teams are looking for.

`The first thing to talk about is what position each top 10 team is looking for. The first team is the Cleveland Browns, they are a team with a struggling future who are always looking for a star player to take the team to new heights. This year they will be looking for either a star player on defensive line, or a star running back or quarterback. The next pick up is the San Fran 49ers. They are a dent team however they lack a good defense to take them to new heights. This is who I look for them to draft with this pick. After them is the Chicago Bears, although they have a good offense they lack a stellar defensive back. They will look deep into the Safety position to pick the perfect candidate for this selection. Next up will be the Jacksonville Jaguars, they are a star studded team but haven’t performed well in recent years. This pick will be hard to predict, but I’m thinking they will draft a defensive lineman with this pick. Coming up next is a young team with promising talent, the Tennessee Titans. They are a good team all around, but  I am thinking they will be bold and draft a wide receiver with this pick.

Coming in with the 6th pick, is the New York Jets. They have had a couple good seasons in recent years, but lack a star player to carry them to the playoffs. With this pick they will get a running back. After the old but always good Jets is the LA Chargers. They have been sliding downhill in recent years, and are desperate for a good defensive linemen, so I expect them to get a big D-Lineman with this pick. Next to the podium after the new city LA Chargers is the former NFC Champion Carolina Panthers. After a disappointing season, with this pick they need a talented Offensive Lineman to keep their greatest player healthy, Cam Newton. Next after the disappointed Panthers is the Cincinnati Bengals. They are a great overall team, however they are lacking a good running back. Rounding out the top ten is the Buffalo Bills. They have had some great teams over the years, however right now they are in desperate need of an Offensive Lineman.

Now to the best part, the players who are getting drafted, I have predicted the positions, now here is the players getting picked. With the first pick, I have Myles Garrett being taken as a no brainer with the first pick. With the second pick I have a surprise, and I have a surprise pick, Malik Hooker from Ohio State. And with maybe my most surprising prediction yet, I have Jonathan Allen from Alabama being taken 3rd.  Coming in with the 4th I have Jamal Adams from LSU being taken. Coming I with the 5th I have the Titans drafting Corey Davis from Western Michigan. Right behind him at number 6, I have the Jets taking arguably the best player in the draft, Leonard Fournette. After this, I have the Chargers taking Marshon Lattimore from Ohio State. And at the 8th pick I have Takkarist McKinley being chosen. Coming in at the 9th I have Dalvin Cook getting scooped up by the Bengals. And last but not least, coming in at #10 I have Forrest Lamp being taken to fill the Offensive Line position.

In all the NFL Draft is always a big deal and you can expect it to be a great event as always. The teams in the top ten will get great players who will fill the voids in their teams. Surprisingly enough this year, I don’t have any player being a bust… Every player in the first round of the draft seems to be able to make an immediate impact on their team. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something.

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Baseball and Steroids do they mix?

Baseball and Steroids, do they mix?

A high debate topic for dozens of years, many people have always questioned if it was right for steroid users to be allowed in the Hall of Fame, however there is more to the story than you may think. Baseball is a sport that many play, and few can master. Many players who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame such as Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, and even Roger Clemens. They have been kept out because they have all taken steroids. Many people think it is an unfair advantage, however I have a different opinion on the subject.

Well start with Barry Bonds, a great player from the beginning he put up unbelievable stats every season. From breaking multiple homerun records, to having an over .500 on base percentage, from a statistical standpoint he is arguably the best baseball player ever. He made the game fun, and was a major factor in improving the game of baseball. From the point that Barry came into the league attendance sky rocketed, jersey sales went up, and approval ratings for the whole MLB went up. He made the game more exciting and helped Americas Past-time. Another great who was bashed for steroid use was Roger Clemens, he is arguably the best pitcher to EVER play, and he had countless strikeouts, great career stats, and has multiple World Series rings. Both of these men helped improve the game, and set the stage for future players, however they are all kept out of the HOF.

The game of baseball is very hard, and requires a lot of hard work, it is in many peoples opinions the hardest sport to play. Even pro baseball players only hit the ball on average of 2 times per every 10 at bats, and that’s if you’re lucky. The best players now a days are hitting an average of 30 homeruns. This is due to a great selection of great pitchers, stricter rules, and also less time to hit the ball due to increased speeds. The game of baseball is always changing, and is without a doubt one of the hardest sports to master. Because of this, people are always finding ways to improve their game, from new training techniques, to finding steroids, to doctoring the ball, it’s just become a part of the game.

The hardness of the sport, and the ever changing game of baseball has made the sport very hard to adapt too. This is why I support the idea of former steroid users getting allowed into the HOF. People who have broken records and are known for changing the game of baseball such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Roger Clemens. They influenced the game in a time here attendance was low, and baseball was very unpopular. They helped people enjoy the game of baseball by dazzling them with a lot of homeruns, no hitters, and consecutive all-star games. They all have taken steroids, but this little problem cannot compare to their unbelievable accomplishments. The things they have done for the game of baseball in my opinion outshine the rest of the things they have done.

In all, I truly believe in contrast to others that people who have tested positive for steroids should be allowed in the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame. This is because they helped the game of baseball, and helped develop the game into a more popular sport. Many people have not accepted these people because they think they are cheating, but I believe they were justified in doing this, because they were just trying to help develop their games even further. After all, the game of baseball is always changing, and why get mad at guys for juts trying to get better and innovate the game.


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The future of Adidas, the Yeezy Boost

From being a strictly soccer related company developed by 2 German brothers, to releasing iconic shoe silhouettes such as the Adidas Superstar, and the iconic Stan Smith, Adidas has always been a great brand. However it wasn’t until 2013-2014 until the brand shocked the World and generated the best revenue ever by signing Kanye West from Nike and releasing their best shoes ever. The Yeezy 750, Yeezy 350, and Yeezy 350 Version 2. The most coveted sneakers in every sneaker heads collection, with resell value (Value being resold after buying from a retail store, Yeezys gain at least 400$ after buying for retail, shoes gain value if they are deadstock, or an old release). People are lucky to get any real Yeezy’s as they are often counterfeited and remade. In all, the world has been shocked by the ongoing releases of Yeezy’s, and the sneaker market has gained over 1 billion dollars because of it, becoming a crucial part of many people’s lives.

The first Yeezy that Kanye released after his signing with Adidas was the Yeezy 750 Boost. The Yeezy 750 boost is a high top shoe with boost cushioning, and in a variety of colors. The first colorway that released was a grey top with white bottom, followed with 3 other releases. The least popular Yeezy to wear, but often the most highly priced, the main reason people get them is just to collect. With resell value sometimes as high as $3000, Yeezy 750’s are the most expensive Yeezys because they were the first to come out. Almost impossible to buy nowadays due to their rarity and crazy price point. In all, the Yeezy 750 was one of the most iconic shoes ever because it was one of the first shoes with boosttechnology, and Kanye’s first shoe with Adidas.  Yeezy 750 Gray and White


The next Yeezy that came out was the equally popular and expensive Yeezy 350. This Yeezy gained more attention because it was an even more popular silhouette due to the fact that it was a low top, and came in more desirable colors. The first to release was the Yeezy 350 Pirate Black, and the Yeezy 350 Turtle Dove. They both sold out in seconds and the only people who got them from a retail store were the people who won the raffles. The people who were lucky enough to still get a pair were often either scammed by fake sellers or forced to pay an incredibly high resell price of up to 200$. The other shoes that followed included a pair called, Oxford Tans, and Moonrocks. These are the most popular Yeezys that have ever came out and revolutionized the market by using mesh upper with and Adidas Boost bottom. These two combined to make a comfortable and stylish shoe that is worn by millions, and stashed by many as well. They were way more popular than the Yeezy 750, and are viewed as the best shoe of the last 10 years.

Yeezy 350 pirate black


The last iconic Yeezy that came out was the Yeezy version 2. This is the shoe that released last year, and hit the shelves in over 5 colorways. With a very sleek design, it is a very nice looking shoe and is closely looked at like the Yeezy 350. It has a great texture and the boost on the bottom helps it be even more comfortable. The main differences between all the colorways of the Yeezy are the lines on the side. With different colors you can collect them all and wear them with any outfit. The resell value of the Yeezy 350 v2 is not as high, but the shoe is not very old, so you can expect the value to go way up in a few years. The most popular color way that has come out is the Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra edition. In conclusion, the Yeezy 350 V2 while being less expensive is very good sneaker, with many great designs to appeal to a variety of audiences.

Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra

The Yeezy by Kanye and Adidas is arguably the best shoe by Adidas to come out ever. It features a variety of designs and Versions that have something everyone will like. And while it may not be affordable to the average joe, the sneaker head will gladly spend the money to get these coveted silhouettes. From the Yeezy 750, to the Yeezy 350, and all the way to the Yeezy 750 V2, Adidas has gained tremendous popularity and sales by coming out with these quality shoes. Makinbg both bthe sneaker head happy, as well as the brand as the shoes have been a success since day 1. I hoped you learned something, and for mre information, consider checking out the websites in the link below! Have a great day and thanks for reading!



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More than a Librarian… The story of Mrs.Cummings

The Fruita 8/9 School has a great librarian who always does her best to help out the school. Although students might not see her every day, Mrs. Cummings always tries to brighten student’s days when she sees them. From dealing with teenagers every day to organizing hundreds of books, the life of a librarian sure seems hard. This is why I decided to interview her this week. Interestingly enough, she had a very interesting backstory, and has a great sense of humor. I am sure glad she’s our librarian, and I hope you guys get to know a little more about her. And remember if you see Mrs. Cummings around the school, make sure to tell her thanks for being such a great teacher, and fun person to have at school every day.

Growing up, Mrs. Cummings lived in Casper Wyoming. It sure seemed like she had a great childhood from playing with her 6 siblings, to dedicating herself to academics as well as playing basketball. Mrs. Cummings has 2 brothers, 2 step brothers, 1 step sister, and 1 sister. She was very busy helping out her many brothers and sisters every day, as she was the 2nd oldest sibling. When she was not busy with family you could often find her with a nose in a book, or on the basketball court spending countless hour’s practicing. Growing up her mom always wanted her to wear pretty dresses to school, but Mrs. Cummings often chose to dress more of a Tom Boy, and embrace her athletic side. She was always a dedicated student, but didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up until she had an awesome English teacher for both 7th Grade and 12th Grade. From the 2nd time she had the teacher she knew she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. However the road to getting there was harder than you would think.

Mrs. Cummings went to College for 6 years to become a teacher. She started schooling at The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Here she got her Bachelor’s degree, however wanting to become a teacher, she spent 2 more years at CU Denver getting her Masters. “The school was pretty hard, but after that everything came easy” she said. Shortly after getting her Degrees she has to take a teaching test, and then applied to be a teacher her at Fruita 8/9. Not many current students know but she started out as an English Teacher… She taught Literacy here for many years, but after our Librarian left she stepped in as a replacement and has done a great job. “I love working in the library and learning new things about the students, and engaging in important conversations with them” she also said. Although Mrs. Cummings wasn’t always sure what she wanted to be when she grew up, it sure seems like being a teacher is the perfect fit for her, and she’s done a great job at it.

Mrs. Cummings has been the librarian for a few years now, and she says it has been great. However I was interested what her daily life consisted of. Because nmost of the time, you can either find her behind her desk helping out students, helping with computers, or organizing books. But the life of a librarian is more than it seems. There is a lot of behind the scenes work. Every month or so she has to re decorate the library with different decorations and sometimes themes for holidays. She is always trying to get students engaged and does her best to get her students reading. From putting up fun posters to taking countless hours to organize books, Mrs. Cummings is always on the move and improving our library. She is also very passionate about; literature. Her favorite types of books to read are historical fiction, and other types of fiction however sometimes she likes to change it up and engage herself in an interesting non-fiction. Mrs. Cummings also keeps a list of her books she reads every year so if you want to see that ask her for more information. She loves students who are curious and love to learn so I highly encourage everyone to go out and discover more about our library. In all, Mrs. Cummings had a very interesting childhood that influenced her to become the great teacher she is today.

Librarians are almost always stereotyped as grumpy old and don’t have much to do, however Fruita 8/9’s unique and awesome librarian Mrs. Cummings tears apart these stereotypes and brings an engaging vibe to the library. From growing up with a lot of siblings, to going to college at UNC, and CU Denver Mrs. Cummings had a very unique childhood.  If you guys want to know more about her feel free to ask and check out the great library and fun decorations while you’re at it. Hope everyone has a good day.

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