Video Media Productions Final

Video Media Final

Throughout school I’ve asked the same question many times, “When am I ever going to use this in my life.” This question usually pertains to math or science, because I’m never going to have to use the Pythagorean theorem to figure out how much to tip a waiter,(there’s a calculator on my phone,) and there’s no way I’m smart enough to be any sort of scientist. Even though most things I’ve learned in school won’t matter in a few years, I feel that I’ve learned very valuable skilled in the Video Media Productions class.

The first valuable skill I learned was how to video edit and how to add audio to make mini movies and commercials. In today’s world, technology is vastly used to advertise products being sold and to entertain people all over the world. By learning how to edit videos, there’s many things I could do when I go into the work force. I could start designing my own products and make commercials for them using the skills I’ve learned. I could start making entertaining videos and posting them on the internet. I could make videos on awareness of a topic that I feel needs attention. The amount of things I could do just from learning how to video edit is almost endless. Especially right now, with technology being how many people are reached throughout the world.

Another valuable skill I learned was how to use Photoshop. Like I said in the last paragraph, many people are reached through technology and advertisements. By knowing how to Photoshop, I could design billboards or flyers for a company trying to promote their product. I could also design sports teams’ logos or a company’s custom logos. I could design book cover for authors, make poster of famous people that kids hang in their room. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained using Photoshop and the wide use it was in today’s world could really help me when I decide what career I want to pursue on the future.

The last skill I’m going to mention, and it’s as vital as the two before, is working in a group. I’m going to work in groups my whole life, so to have already been exposed to it, and learning how to do it will benefit me, when I have occupations that involve group work. Several jobs, well, almost every job requires some type of group work on some portion of the project. If you “can’t” work with other people, the likeliness of the project being subpar is high because few ideas are being shared and listened to and eventually no one will want to work on the project. Being able to work in groups can help you do things more precisely than if you’re working by yourself. Being able to work adequately with a team or a group of people is an easy skill to obtain. If you learn how to do it, it will help you with future tasks.

Overall, being in Video Media Productions was a great experience where I learned several valuable skills that I will one day use. I would recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in technology, broadcasting, commercials, or video creating. Video Media production was a useful class and helpful class. I learned a lot from it that will benefit me as I move through life.

Kanye West

        There’s always a lot of arguments about hip-hop and rap legends. Who deserves to be titled the G.O.A.T.? Many hip-hop and rap artists are very successful and I don’t think you can talk about the greatest rapper of all time without considering Kanye West.

          Kanye has come out with many albums during his career, the most recent being, “The Life of Pablo.” This is probably the best album that Yeezy has released. The flow, style and lyrics of the songs featured in this album are very unique and give a bit of insight into the life of Kanye. This album had several thousand digital downloads and is predicted to be number one on the Billboard top 200.

However, this isn’t his first album that’s been number one on the Billboard top 200. His albums, “Graduation,” selling 957,000 copies in the first week, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which won a grammy award for best rap album, “Watch the Throne,” a collaboration with Jay-Z, which received seven grammy nominations and was certified to be platinum, and “Yeezus,” which received two grammy nominations for best rap album, are among a few of the reasons why Kanye West should be seen highly when talking about Legendary rappers. He clearly knows what the people want, having several grammy nominations and several number one albums.

Kanye has accomplished so much in his rap career, more than a lot of other rappers his age. Even though the media may make him look bad sometimes by making up fake stories and false accusations, all the feats he has accomplished throughout his career can’t go unnoticed. He put hours of work into his albums and got the recognition he deserved. He may be 39 years old, but I’m sure he’s got more planned for the future.




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The Yeezy Boost is the most sought after shoe in the world, selling out almost immediately after their release. The master mind behind these shoes is 39 year old, Atlanta native and multimillion dollar rap star, Kanye West. I’m sure you know what Yeezy’s are, anyone who knows even minimal about shoes or Kanye West knows that these shoes are very expensive and hard to obtain due to rapid selling out and the limited number of models made.  Kanye has created many different color ways and designs, but where did it all start? How did the price of Yeezy’s overtake the price of retro Jordan’s? How did “Yeezy jump over jumpman?”

When you think of Yeezy’s you probably think of the brand Adidas, however the first shoe released by Kanye was a collaboration with Bape, a Japanese clothing line. The shoe was the Bape signature “Bapesta” and feature Kanye West’s “Drop out Bear” a signature logo from his earlier albums. The shoe was released in 2007, in very limited quantities, and they still remain elusive to this day.

His next two releases came in 2009, but he had switched from the company “Bape” to the high end company “Louis Vuitton,” and the athletic company, “Nike.” The shoes was named “Louis Vuitton Don” and the “Air Yeezy One.” Each had three colorways, and were very expensive. The “Louis Vuitton Don” sold out fairly quickly, but the “Air Yeezy One” took more time than expected for Kanye fans to buy the shoe, however others were excited about the release. The “Louis Vuitton Don” costs between 990 and 1,140 dollars, while the “Air Yeezy One” costs around 215 dollars when released, but since the number of models made was so low, they now resell for around 1,000 dollars.

Kanye’s next release didn’t come until 2012, where he released the second version of the shoe “Air Yeezy” and as you can probably guess, it was called the “Air Yeezy Two.” These were his best shoes yet, being worn by NBA athletes and A-list celebrities on the red carpet. The shoe sold out quickly, only costing 245 dollars, but just like the “Air Yeezy One,” there was limited models made, bring the resell price of the shoe much higher than the original price. Three colorways of this shoe were released, two coming in 2012 and one releasing in 2014, due to Yeezy’s departing with Nike, and transitioning to Adidas.


When Kanye first collaborated with Adidas, they celebrated the partnership by releasing the “Yeezy Boost 750.” This shoe showed more creative freedom from Kanye, which is the reason many believed that he departed from Nike. The first released of this shoe happened in October of 2016. This shoe is still pricey, but is more common than his previously released shoes. Before the “Yeezy Boost 750” the “Yeezy Boost 350,” was released in the summer of 2015. The “750’s” costed about 350 dollars, and came in three colorways. The “350’s” costed about 220 dollars, and came in 9 colorways, releasing in two separated versions. The second version having “Supply 350” on the side. Both types of shoes resell for around 1,200 dollars on sites like Flight Club and Stock X.



Kanye has had a very successful career as a rapper and as a shoe designer. He’s made a lot of designs and colorways and I’m sure more will be released in the future. I hope I can get my hands on a pair, only if I had a thousand dollars. Maybe I’ll try and cop the next Yeezy release.


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Mr. Steve Cooper

High school can be very mundane at times, but one teacher who always makes everything a little bit more exciting, while adding humor by using his favorite word, “Pinhead” is Mr. Steve Cooper.

Mr. Cooper is currently sixty years old, and is a physical education teacher at the Fruita 8/9, in Fruita, Colorado. Although he lives there now, Mr. Cooper, or “Coop” as some people call him, was born in Rifle, Colorado in 1957. Growing up, he went to Rifle Junior High and then Rifle High School where he played football, basketball, and baseball. He described himself as an average student, “Dead center average,” is what he told me. He graduated from Rifle High in 1975, and went to many colleges prior to his graduation.

After Mr. Cooper graduated from high school, he attended several colleges, including Colorado State University, Abilene University, and Colorado Mesa University, formally known as Mesa State. He majored in selective studies, with a physical education emphasis. He minored in history and taught social studies, before physical education.

Throughout Coop’s life, he’s had many interesting jobs outside of teaching. He worked for the city rec department in Rifle, the trash service in Rifle, he worked on an oil shell, and was also the JV football coach at Rifle high.

Even though Coop is older than most people still in the work force, he still finds time outside of work to do things he’s passionate about. Hunting, fishing, gardening and shooting are the main things he likes to do in his off time. Coop is married, and has one twelve year old son.

Mr. Steve Cooper is a great person to be around, always making jokes that make everyone laugh, calling that kids who never listens a pinhead, waving hello to you in the morning as you’re walking down the hallway. He’s very old school and likes to keep his classes strict, but still allow the freedom to have fun. You definitely want to stay on his good side, or one day you might hear, “Hey pinhead,” and think, crap he’s talking to me.