Kanye West

        There’s always a lot of arguments about hip-hop and rap legends. Who deserves to be titled the G.O.A.T.? Many hip-hop and rap artists are very successful and I don’t think you can talk about the greatest rapper of all time without considering Kanye West.

          Kanye has come out with many albums during his career, the most recent being, “The Life of Pablo.” This is probably the best album that Yeezy has released. The flow, style and lyrics of the songs featured in this album are very unique and give a bit of insight into the life of Kanye. This album had several thousand digital downloads and is predicted to be number one on the Billboard top 200.

However, this isn’t his first album that’s been number one on the Billboard top 200. His albums, “Graduation,” selling 957,000 copies in the first week, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which won a grammy award for best rap album, “Watch the Throne,” a collaboration with Jay-Z, which received seven grammy nominations and was certified to be platinum, and “Yeezus,” which received two grammy nominations for best rap album, are among a few of the reasons why Kanye West should be seen highly when talking about Legendary rappers. He clearly knows what the people want, having several grammy nominations and several number one albums.

Kanye has accomplished so much in his rap career, more than a lot of other rappers his age. Even though the media may make him look bad sometimes by making up fake stories and false accusations, all the feats he has accomplished throughout his career can’t go unnoticed. He put hours of work into his albums and got the recognition he deserved. He may be 39 years old, but I’m sure he’s got more planned for the future.




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Roger Federer: The Greatest

Throughout the history of tennis there has never been a player as great as the man, the myth, the legend, Roger Federer. With Eighteen grand slam titles, and nineteen years of dominance over every player on the ATP tour, it is without question that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time.

He was man who the ATP never saw coming. Roger Federer started his tennis career in Basel, Switzerland, where he was born. He took on the sport easily and started playing when he was eight years old. After three years he was among the top three in Switzerland and after three more years, He was crowned the national champion in Switzerland. At eighteen years old, Roger turned pro.

Federer’s dominance was early to come when he knocked out the reigning number one player in the world, Pete Sampras in 2001. In 2003, Roger won his first grand slam (which most players work their entire life to be a victor of a slam) at the age of 22. This was only the spark of Roger’s wildfire supremacy. Following Wimbledon, Federer’s momentum was not thwarted when he was crowned the champion of the US open, The Australian Open, and he defended his title at Wimbledon. In all of his historic career, Roger Federer won 18 Grand Slam titles, which is the most by any male tennis player in history.

Roger Federer holds the Grand Slam record of all time for a reason. Most tennis players are not pretty. Their shots sometimes look awkward or not intentional even at the pro level. Fed takes this principal and shatters it with his smooth play. His elegance is inspiring to witness and it looks effortless. He pushes himself over any other player and has never retired a match. Also, there isn’t any other player from any era that has a one-handed backhand as smooth and powerful as Roger. Nobody can match the craftsmanship he has with a yellow fuzzy ball and a graphite Wilson Pro Staff RF97. With his cyborg-like rhythm, Roger broke another record while going 105 points without a single error. The most elegant player of all time definitely has correlation to be the greatest player of all time.

The Swiss Maestro is considered the greatest of all time because of his dynasty of his rule over the professional tour. Federer holds the record for the number of weeks he has been ranked number one in the world and this record is 302 weeks. And of course, he also holds the record for the number of consecutive weeks ranked number one in the world, which is 237. Roger’s dominance is nothing to be taken lightly. Six years without dropping a ranking is GOAT criteria without a doubt.

From the moment he stepped on the court in Gstaad, Switzerland for his first professional match, to January 29th 2017 when he won his 18th grand slam at the Australian Open, Roger Federer has shocked humanity with his skill and determination. Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time.


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The Ship of Dreams


She was said to be the “the Ship of Dreams” and from the minute she departed from South Hampton on her maiden voyage, The RMS Titanic has been considered one of most magnificent passenger liners in human history. Piloted by Captain Edward J. Smith, the Titanic left a mark on history in many ways.

Her maiden voyage officially started on April 2, 1912. The Titanic sailed to Cherbourg, France and then Queenstown, Ireland to pick up all of its passengers for the journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The “unsinkable” Titanic arrived in Queenstown on April 10th, and the last day she saw land was Thursday, April 11. The Titanic left Queenstown and departed for New York City at 1:30 PM after loading her docks with 2,223 people aboard, awaiting their ultimate doom.

The Titanic was years ahead of its time, yet it lacked many of the ideal safety features we have today. On the gelid fifth night of her voyage, the atmosphere on the ship was altered dramatically. The ship had six guards on lookout in the crow’s nest of the ship; their main purpose was to keep watch for icebergs. Fredrick Fleet was the guard on the crow’s nest. His 11 o’clock shift was minutes from being over and there seemed to be no problems. Titanic cut through the waves like butter, at a speed of 22 knots. At 11:40 PM a loud scream broke the silence that night, “Iceberg right ahead!” and the message was passed on by mouth all the way to the bridge. Captain Smith was sleeping at the time, but received a very alarming awakening with the news of his ship colliding with a 100 feet tall iceberg.

The ship of dreams that was said to be “unsinkable”, but it crashed into the iceberg leaving a 200 foot gash into the hull of the ship. She began to take on twenty-eight degree Fahrenheit water. The freezing water flooded five of the compartments near the bottom of the ship. Sadly, the Titanic was equipped with only twenty lifeboats, which only has the capacity to hold half of the passengers on the ship. Captain Smith and the crew tried to keep everyone calm and they didn’t think the ship was going to sink but after about thirty minutes of analyzing the situation they knew that Titanic was not going to see land again. They started by filling the lifeboats with women and children first class passengers. The 2nd and 3rd class passengers had to wait until all of the first class was on the boats before they could go to the top deck of the ship and board the lifeboats. During the three hours of chaos, the crew had to fend off men and lower class passengers from boarding the lifeboats.

The Titanic broke into two pieces as the pressure of the water was too much for the ship to handle. At the time that the ship went down, there was 1,517 people who went down with it and died, either drowning or freezing to death. Only 706 people survived the sinking of the Titanic and there could have been so many more. The ship had the capacity to hold 64 lifeboats and the crew only took 20 because it “looked better” aesthetically. The RMS Carpathia arrived at 4:00 AM and brought aboard all of the lifeboats they found which took four hours. After three days, the Carpathia arrived with the 706 survivors in New York.

Although this disaster was nobody’s fault, there could have been so many more lives saved. The first life boat that was launched held 12 people, with the capacity to hold 65. Only 31% of the people on the Titanic survived and 61% of those passengers were first class. 23% of third class passengers survived and 42% of standard class survived. In this disaster, we can not go back in time to fix what has been done, but we can learn from it. No life is worth more than another. As Titanic lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean its legacy lives on, forever.


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The Yeezy Boost is the most sought after shoe in the world, selling out almost immediately after their release. The master mind behind these shoes is 39 year old, Atlanta native and multimillion dollar rap star, Kanye West. I’m sure you know what Yeezy’s are, anyone who knows even minimal about shoes or Kanye West knows that these shoes are very expensive and hard to obtain due to rapid selling out and the limited number of models made.  Kanye has created many different color ways and designs, but where did it all start? How did the price of Yeezy’s overtake the price of retro Jordan’s? How did “Yeezy jump over jumpman?”

When you think of Yeezy’s you probably think of the brand Adidas, however the first shoe released by Kanye was a collaboration with Bape, a Japanese clothing line. The shoe was the Bape signature “Bapesta” and feature Kanye West’s “Drop out Bear” a signature logo from his earlier albums. The shoe was released in 2007, in very limited quantities, and they still remain elusive to this day.

His next two releases came in 2009, but he had switched from the company “Bape” to the high end company “Louis Vuitton,” and the athletic company, “Nike.” The shoes was named “Louis Vuitton Don” and the “Air Yeezy One.” Each had three colorways, and were very expensive. The “Louis Vuitton Don” sold out fairly quickly, but the “Air Yeezy One” took more time than expected for Kanye fans to buy the shoe, however others were excited about the release. The “Louis Vuitton Don” costs between 990 and 1,140 dollars, while the “Air Yeezy One” costs around 215 dollars when released, but since the number of models made was so low, they now resell for around 1,000 dollars.

Kanye’s next release didn’t come until 2012, where he released the second version of the shoe “Air Yeezy” and as you can probably guess, it was called the “Air Yeezy Two.” These were his best shoes yet, being worn by NBA athletes and A-list celebrities on the red carpet. The shoe sold out quickly, only costing 245 dollars, but just like the “Air Yeezy One,” there was limited models made, bring the resell price of the shoe much higher than the original price. Three colorways of this shoe were released, two coming in 2012 and one releasing in 2014, due to Yeezy’s departing with Nike, and transitioning to Adidas.


When Kanye first collaborated with Adidas, they celebrated the partnership by releasing the “Yeezy Boost 750.” This shoe showed more creative freedom from Kanye, which is the reason many believed that he departed from Nike. The first released of this shoe happened in October of 2016. This shoe is still pricey, but is more common than his previously released shoes. Before the “Yeezy Boost 750” the “Yeezy Boost 350,” was released in the summer of 2015. The “750’s” costed about 350 dollars, and came in three colorways. The “350’s” costed about 220 dollars, and came in 9 colorways, releasing in two separated versions. The second version having “Supply 350” on the side. Both types of shoes resell for around 1,200 dollars on sites like Flight Club and Stock X.



Kanye has had a very successful career as a rapper and as a shoe designer. He’s made a lot of designs and colorways and I’m sure more will be released in the future. I hope I can get my hands on a pair, only if I had a thousand dollars. Maybe I’ll try and cop the next Yeezy release.


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Taking a high school level class of any category is difficult and challenging, but the right teacher could turn a painful class into an enjoyable one. Ethan Johnson is one of those teachers.

Mr. Johnson was born in Michigan with very little memory of his time there, as he moved to Grand Junction, Colorado for his parents work. He enjoyed his childhood playing lots of sports and achieving excellence in his school work. Ethan has always been the creative type; Art was his favorite subject in school and he also attended art club.

From art, to soccer, to NHS, Mr. Johnson was a very well rounded student. He attended Grand Junction High School in 2004. During his freshman year, he played Varsity soccer for the high school. Throughout his high school career, Ethan played Varsity soccer, making it to state twice, and he was a captain for the team his junior and his senior year. Mr. Johnson graduated in 2008 with a 3.9 GPA.

For Mr. Johnson, high school wasn’t the end of his passion for soccer. He got a scholarship from Colorado Mesa University to play division two soccer. This was a very impressive feat by continuing his soccer to the next level. He played soccer throughout his studies at CMU, and did a very good job balancing his difficult classes with the busy schedule of a college athlete. Mr. Johnson graduated in 2014 with a degree in Art education.

If you looked at Ethan Johnson’s résumé you would see that he worked at Pablo’s Pizza in Grand Junction, and he also worked at multiple Romanian food vendors. His commitment was put to the test during this time because he had a very busy schedule with schoolwork, his jobs and also soccer, clubs, and he still needed time to summon all of the energy left over and direct it towards his art. After college, Mr. Johnson applied for a job here at Fruita 8/9 and began his career as an art teacher. Mr. Johnson also didn’t leave his soccer passion behind. He is also the boys’ varsity coach at FMHS and the Girls Varsity coach at Central HS.

Overall, Mr. Johnson has grown a lot from the boy he was in Michigan. The biggest obstacle that Mr. Johnson has overcome to get where he is today was surprisingly, his confidence. Mr. Johnson pushed himself going out of his comfort zone, by being confident and putting himself out there. By doing this, he achieved greatness in academics, athletics, and his hobbies. I believe it’s safe to say that confidence was Mr. Johnson’s biggest obstacle, but is now the root of his success.

2017 NFL DRAFT… Who will be picked??

2017 NFL DRAFT, who will be picked?

It’s that time of year again, every College Football players dream, and often the NFL fans favorite day of the year. Yes, I’m talking about the 2017 NFL Draft. College football players go through a grueling couple month process that shows their determination and work ethic. They start with having a great season and proving they are good enough players to get NFL coaches attention. If they are lucky enough to do this, they might get invited to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Here they show off their skills, and get rated on their abilities. After they prove their good enough to get a good rating they participate in their Colleges Pro Day which is like the NFL Combine, but with more focus on the individual player. All this hard work and they are still not guaranteed to get drafted./ The NFL Draft has 7 rounds with a pick for every team in each round, still making it hard to get drafted because only the top 200 or so players get drafted leaving over 1000 unsigned players crushed of their dream. In this article we will look at the Top 10 picks and what these teams are looking for.

`The first thing to talk about is what position each top 10 team is looking for. The first team is the Cleveland Browns, they are a team with a struggling future who are always looking for a star player to take the team to new heights. This year they will be looking for either a star player on defensive line, or a star running back or quarterback. The next pick up is the San Fran 49ers. They are a dent team however they lack a good defense to take them to new heights. This is who I look for them to draft with this pick. After them is the Chicago Bears, although they have a good offense they lack a stellar defensive back. They will look deep into the Safety position to pick the perfect candidate for this selection. Next up will be the Jacksonville Jaguars, they are a star studded team but haven’t performed well in recent years. This pick will be hard to predict, but I’m thinking they will draft a defensive lineman with this pick. Coming up next is a young team with promising talent, the Tennessee Titans. They are a good team all around, but  I am thinking they will be bold and draft a wide receiver with this pick.

Coming in with the 6th pick, is the New York Jets. They have had a couple good seasons in recent years, but lack a star player to carry them to the playoffs. With this pick they will get a running back. After the old but always good Jets is the LA Chargers. They have been sliding downhill in recent years, and are desperate for a good defensive linemen, so I expect them to get a big D-Lineman with this pick. Next to the podium after the new city LA Chargers is the former NFC Champion Carolina Panthers. After a disappointing season, with this pick they need a talented Offensive Lineman to keep their greatest player healthy, Cam Newton. Next after the disappointed Panthers is the Cincinnati Bengals. They are a great overall team, however they are lacking a good running back. Rounding out the top ten is the Buffalo Bills. They have had some great teams over the years, however right now they are in desperate need of an Offensive Lineman.

Now to the best part, the players who are getting drafted, I have predicted the positions, now here is the players getting picked. With the first pick, I have Myles Garrett being taken as a no brainer with the first pick. With the second pick I have a surprise, and I have a surprise pick, Malik Hooker from Ohio State. And with maybe my most surprising prediction yet, I have Jonathan Allen from Alabama being taken 3rd.  Coming in with the 4th I have Jamal Adams from LSU being taken. Coming I with the 5th I have the Titans drafting Corey Davis from Western Michigan. Right behind him at number 6, I have the Jets taking arguably the best player in the draft, Leonard Fournette. After this, I have the Chargers taking Marshon Lattimore from Ohio State. And at the 8th pick I have Takkarist McKinley being chosen. Coming in at the 9th I have Dalvin Cook getting scooped up by the Bengals. And last but not least, coming in at #10 I have Forrest Lamp being taken to fill the Offensive Line position.

In all the NFL Draft is always a big deal and you can expect it to be a great event as always. The teams in the top ten will get great players who will fill the voids in their teams. Surprisingly enough this year, I don’t have any player being a bust… Every player in the first round of the draft seems to be able to make an immediate impact on their team. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something.

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Our Closest Living Relative is Dying Off

Some of our most closely related relatives are facing extinction in the Congo Basin. They are among the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom, we share 98.7% of our DNA with them, they are sometimes called pygmy chimpanzees and less often, the dwarf or gracile chimpanzee, their scientific name is Pan Paniscus but their most common name is the Bonobo. They are smaller than the chimps and have a darker pigmentation around there face. They are typically more docile and the leader is usually female.

There only habitat is the Congo River Basin in Africa.   The Congo Basin is one of the most important wilderness areas left on Earth. At 500 million acres, it is larger than the state of Alaska and stands as the world’s second-largest tropical forest. Only some of the Bonobo’s habitat is in a protected wilderness area making them vulnerable to poaching. Specific bonobo body parts are believed to enhance sexual vigor or strength. They are also killed and trapped to use them as bushmeat, keep them as pets and for use in traditional medicine.

One of the differences between the Bonobo and its Chimpanzee cousins are their behavioral patterns. Chimp troupes are typically led by a dominate male that would mate with the majority of the females (Did you know that a female chimp is called an empress?) and this can provoke violence and competition within a troupe. A Bonobo troupe is led by a female, and a pair will usually mate for life making for a more docile community. Although they are friendly to each other they can be very violent to their rivals.

As previously stated this species is on the endangered list. Scientists and biologists can’t accurately predict the overall population due to the remoteness of their habitat and the rising contentions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has been estimated that their population is around 10,000 to 50,000 and has been dwindling for the past 30 years and is forecasted to decline for 45 to 55 more. An organization named WWF is actively trying to save the reaming population in the Congo. They have given better training and equipment to anti-poaching units to protect the population that lives outside the reserve. WWF has provided training, equipment and field supplies for the non-governmental organizations that are conducting surveys of bonobo populations. A survey of large mammals in the DRC’s Lac Télé-Lac Tumba Landscape revealed a previously unknown population of bonobos, a population that has the highest density and largest group size of the animals anywhere in their range. After this discovery, WWF helped to establish the Lac Tumba-Lediima Nature Reserve, which will help to protect this dwindling species.

The Bonobo is a very special animal and should be recognized by the world. They are our closest living relatives by sharing 98.7% of their DNA with us and their cousins the chimps. These species are more docile with their family and troupe than the chimps who continually have conflict. You can help support the Bonobo by visiting the WWF website.



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History of baseball

History of Baseball

The history of baseball revolves around Massachusetts which is now famous for their team The Boston Red Sox. Back then it was a gentlemen’s game. You would tell the pitcher if you wanted the ball a little higher or a little lower. You could also make a catch off of the first bounce and it would be an out. It has now changed into the competitive game it is today. The game now revolves around money and is not based around the gentlemen aspect it used to be in the early form of the game.

The earliest form baseball was mentioned was in 1791 Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It was played with a soft ball and no baseball gloves. The rules were modified from todays. Now the game is played with gloves, a hard ball, and is not as much of a gentlemen’s game as it used to be. The growth of the game was partially due to the variations of cricket that were played on the East coast areas. They played games called town ball and other variations of it which quickly spread and brought baseball what it is today.

After the game picked up and started to become more famous of course they decided to make a professional league. With this the sport started to grow even more rapidly that it did before. The people playing the game at the time weren’t playing it for money, but because it was what they loved to do. By the time the professional league came around baseball was played the way it is today. The only difference was players were not payed the big salary that they are now. Babe Ruth, one of the most famous players of the game was only payed $80,000 a year at the time. Which now translates to 1.6 million. This may seem like a lot, but Clayton Kershaw was payed $35,571,428 this year alone.

Finally we talk about the dead-ball era. This was a time between 1900 and 1919 which was a time where pitchers such as Cy Young completely dominated the major leagues. Each game was very low scoring and undesirable to watch. At this time it seemed as if the pitching had gotten to the point where the batters would not be able to catch up. People were thinking that they were going to have to either change the rules to give the hitters an advantage or disable pitchers in one way or another.

In conclusion baseball hasn’t always been the sport it is today. There are a huge selection of reasons it is played the way it is today. Everything from the change in rules to the massive change in following and salary. There are key players that formed the game into the way it is now as well as cities that changed it. Baseball had a series of fortunate events to change the rules so people would enjoy it, have cities follow it and fund professional sports teams, and gain following so it would be the sport it is today.

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Military Using Drones? Yes or No

Drones used in war have been a topic of controversy ever since they were first sent across seas after the September 11 attacks. These original drones were not armed until after an operator was believed to have spotted Osama Bin Laden. The U.S military would like to be able to take out targets without putting American soldiers in danger and the best way to do this by strapping projectiles onto unmanned drones. Some would say that People who see their loved ones injured or killed in drone attacks become motivated to join actions against the United States. While this could be true, drones have a number of advantages against traditional warfare.

The cost of the drone operations amount to approximately 1% of the U.S Armed Forces military budget. US manned military attack aircrafts cost anywhere from $18,000 to $169,000 per hour to operate, six to 42 times more than attack drones. By decreasing the cost of attack weapons the government can spend more time and money on other pressing matters for instance our countries attempts to use more clean energy sources.

Another reason to use drones is there pin-point accuracy. Arguments have arouse that drones cause too much collateral damage or too many civilian deaths. Unwanted casualties are inevitable in a combat situation but if the weapon can be directed to a precise location where minimal collateral damage can be done then that would mean less people wanting to turn against America as stated in the opening paragraph. By pin-pointing the exact location, the drones can be launched in a way that would minimize damage to communities. Also by having this kind of accuracy, targets can be eliminated more efficiently.

My last argument is that drones can provide an extra safety measure. A drone can have limitless applications with the modern technologies. As an example, infrared cameras could hover in the sky helping the soldiers on the ground, preventing surprise attacks or a trap. Instead of sending foot soldiers on recon missions, a drone can sit in the sky above a given area for up to 72 hours watching with advanced technology. All in all our beloved soldiers will be safer.Image result for small military drones

In conclusion the Benefits greatly outweigh the draw-backs. With drones costings less than a manned aircraft it is more effective price wise. Because they are computer operated they can be sent to a precise location to minimalize collateral damage. And finally and most importantly, they will provide safety for our soldiers on the ground.




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Baseball and Steroids do they mix?

Baseball and Steroids, do they mix?

A high debate topic for dozens of years, many people have always questioned if it was right for steroid users to be allowed in the Hall of Fame, however there is more to the story than you may think. Baseball is a sport that many play, and few can master. Many players who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame such as Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, and even Roger Clemens. They have been kept out because they have all taken steroids. Many people think it is an unfair advantage, however I have a different opinion on the subject.

Well start with Barry Bonds, a great player from the beginning he put up unbelievable stats every season. From breaking multiple homerun records, to having an over .500 on base percentage, from a statistical standpoint he is arguably the best baseball player ever. He made the game fun, and was a major factor in improving the game of baseball. From the point that Barry came into the league attendance sky rocketed, jersey sales went up, and approval ratings for the whole MLB went up. He made the game more exciting and helped Americas Past-time. Another great who was bashed for steroid use was Roger Clemens, he is arguably the best pitcher to EVER play, and he had countless strikeouts, great career stats, and has multiple World Series rings. Both of these men helped improve the game, and set the stage for future players, however they are all kept out of the HOF.

The game of baseball is very hard, and requires a lot of hard work, it is in many peoples opinions the hardest sport to play. Even pro baseball players only hit the ball on average of 2 times per every 10 at bats, and that’s if you’re lucky. The best players now a days are hitting an average of 30 homeruns. This is due to a great selection of great pitchers, stricter rules, and also less time to hit the ball due to increased speeds. The game of baseball is always changing, and is without a doubt one of the hardest sports to master. Because of this, people are always finding ways to improve their game, from new training techniques, to finding steroids, to doctoring the ball, it’s just become a part of the game.

The hardness of the sport, and the ever changing game of baseball has made the sport very hard to adapt too. This is why I support the idea of former steroid users getting allowed into the HOF. People who have broken records and are known for changing the game of baseball such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Roger Clemens. They influenced the game in a time here attendance was low, and baseball was very unpopular. They helped people enjoy the game of baseball by dazzling them with a lot of homeruns, no hitters, and consecutive all-star games. They all have taken steroids, but this little problem cannot compare to their unbelievable accomplishments. The things they have done for the game of baseball in my opinion outshine the rest of the things they have done.

In all, I truly believe in contrast to others that people who have tested positive for steroids should be allowed in the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame. This is because they helped the game of baseball, and helped develop the game into a more popular sport. Many people have not accepted these people because they think they are cheating, but I believe they were justified in doing this, because they were just trying to help develop their games even further. After all, the game of baseball is always changing, and why get mad at guys for juts trying to get better and innovate the game.


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