Kanye West

        There’s always a lot of arguments about hip-hop and rap legends. Who deserves to be titled the G.O.A.T.? Many hip-hop and rap artists are very successful and I don’t think you can talk about the greatest rapper of all time without considering Kanye West.

          Kanye has come out with many albums during his career, the most recent being, “The Life of Pablo.” This is probably the best album that Yeezy has released. The flow, style and lyrics of the songs featured in this album are very unique and give a bit of insight into the life of Kanye. This album had several thousand digital downloads and is predicted to be number one on the Billboard top 200.

However, this isn’t his first album that’s been number one on the Billboard top 200. His albums, “Graduation,” selling 957,000 copies in the first week, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which won a grammy award for best rap album, “Watch the Throne,” a collaboration with Jay-Z, which received seven grammy nominations and was certified to be platinum, and “Yeezus,” which received two grammy nominations for best rap album, are among a few of the reasons why Kanye West should be seen highly when talking about Legendary rappers. He clearly knows what the people want, having several grammy nominations and several number one albums.

Kanye has accomplished so much in his rap career, more than a lot of other rappers his age. Even though the media may make him look bad sometimes by making up fake stories and false accusations, all the feats he has accomplished throughout his career can’t go unnoticed. He put hours of work into his albums and got the recognition he deserved. He may be 39 years old, but I’m sure he’s got more planned for the future.




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Roger Federer: The Greatest

Throughout the history of tennis there has never been a player as great as the man, the myth, the legend, Roger Federer. With Eighteen grand slam titles, and nineteen years of dominance over every player on the ATP tour, it is without question that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time.

He was man who the ATP never saw coming. Roger Federer started his tennis career in Basel, Switzerland, where he was born. He took on the sport easily and started playing when he was eight years old. After three years he was among the top three in Switzerland and after three more years, He was crowned the national champion in Switzerland. At eighteen years old, Roger turned pro.

Federer’s dominance was early to come when he knocked out the reigning number one player in the world, Pete Sampras in 2001. In 2003, Roger won his first grand slam (which most players work their entire life to be a victor of a slam) at the age of 22. This was only the spark of Roger’s wildfire supremacy. Following Wimbledon, Federer’s momentum was not thwarted when he was crowned the champion of the US open, The Australian Open, and he defended his title at Wimbledon. In all of his historic career, Roger Federer won 18 Grand Slam titles, which is the most by any male tennis player in history.

Roger Federer holds the Grand Slam record of all time for a reason. Most tennis players are not pretty. Their shots sometimes look awkward or not intentional even at the pro level. Fed takes this principal and shatters it with his smooth play. His elegance is inspiring to witness and it looks effortless. He pushes himself over any other player and has never retired a match. Also, there isn’t any other player from any era that has a one-handed backhand as smooth and powerful as Roger. Nobody can match the craftsmanship he has with a yellow fuzzy ball and a graphite Wilson Pro Staff RF97. With his cyborg-like rhythm, Roger broke another record while going 105 points without a single error. The most elegant player of all time definitely has correlation to be the greatest player of all time.

The Swiss Maestro is considered the greatest of all time because of his dynasty of his rule over the professional tour. Federer holds the record for the number of weeks he has been ranked number one in the world and this record is 302 weeks. And of course, he also holds the record for the number of consecutive weeks ranked number one in the world, which is 237. Roger’s dominance is nothing to be taken lightly. Six years without dropping a ranking is GOAT criteria without a doubt.

From the moment he stepped on the court in Gstaad, Switzerland for his first professional match, to January 29th 2017 when he won his 18th grand slam at the Australian Open, Roger Federer has shocked humanity with his skill and determination. Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time.


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Military Using Drones? Yes or No

Drones used in war have been a topic of controversy ever since they were first sent across seas after the September 11 attacks. These original drones were not armed until after an operator was believed to have spotted Osama Bin Laden. The U.S military would like to be able to take out targets without putting American soldiers in danger and the best way to do this by strapping projectiles onto unmanned drones. Some would say that People who see their loved ones injured or killed in drone attacks become motivated to join actions against the United States. While this could be true, drones have a number of advantages against traditional warfare.

The cost of the drone operations amount to approximately 1% of the U.S Armed Forces military budget. US manned military attack aircrafts cost anywhere from $18,000 to $169,000 per hour to operate, six to 42 times more than attack drones. By decreasing the cost of attack weapons the government can spend more time and money on other pressing matters for instance our countries attempts to use more clean energy sources.

Another reason to use drones is there pin-point accuracy. Arguments have arouse that drones cause too much collateral damage or too many civilian deaths. Unwanted casualties are inevitable in a combat situation but if the weapon can be directed to a precise location where minimal collateral damage can be done then that would mean less people wanting to turn against America as stated in the opening paragraph. By pin-pointing the exact location, the drones can be launched in a way that would minimize damage to communities. Also by having this kind of accuracy, targets can be eliminated more efficiently.

My last argument is that drones can provide an extra safety measure. A drone can have limitless applications with the modern technologies. As an example, infrared cameras could hover in the sky helping the soldiers on the ground, preventing surprise attacks or a trap. Instead of sending foot soldiers on recon missions, a drone can sit in the sky above a given area for up to 72 hours watching with advanced technology. All in all our beloved soldiers will be safer.Image result for small military drones

In conclusion the Benefits greatly outweigh the draw-backs. With drones costings less than a manned aircraft it is more effective price wise. Because they are computer operated they can be sent to a precise location to minimalize collateral damage. And finally and most importantly, they will provide safety for our soldiers on the ground.




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Baseball and Steroids do they mix?

Baseball and Steroids, do they mix?

A high debate topic for dozens of years, many people have always questioned if it was right for steroid users to be allowed in the Hall of Fame, however there is more to the story than you may think. Baseball is a sport that many play, and few can master. Many players who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame such as Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, and even Roger Clemens. They have been kept out because they have all taken steroids. Many people think it is an unfair advantage, however I have a different opinion on the subject.

Well start with Barry Bonds, a great player from the beginning he put up unbelievable stats every season. From breaking multiple homerun records, to having an over .500 on base percentage, from a statistical standpoint he is arguably the best baseball player ever. He made the game fun, and was a major factor in improving the game of baseball. From the point that Barry came into the league attendance sky rocketed, jersey sales went up, and approval ratings for the whole MLB went up. He made the game more exciting and helped Americas Past-time. Another great who was bashed for steroid use was Roger Clemens, he is arguably the best pitcher to EVER play, and he had countless strikeouts, great career stats, and has multiple World Series rings. Both of these men helped improve the game, and set the stage for future players, however they are all kept out of the HOF.

The game of baseball is very hard, and requires a lot of hard work, it is in many peoples opinions the hardest sport to play. Even pro baseball players only hit the ball on average of 2 times per every 10 at bats, and that’s if you’re lucky. The best players now a days are hitting an average of 30 homeruns. This is due to a great selection of great pitchers, stricter rules, and also less time to hit the ball due to increased speeds. The game of baseball is always changing, and is without a doubt one of the hardest sports to master. Because of this, people are always finding ways to improve their game, from new training techniques, to finding steroids, to doctoring the ball, it’s just become a part of the game.

The hardness of the sport, and the ever changing game of baseball has made the sport very hard to adapt too. This is why I support the idea of former steroid users getting allowed into the HOF. People who have broken records and are known for changing the game of baseball such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Roger Clemens. They influenced the game in a time here attendance was low, and baseball was very unpopular. They helped people enjoy the game of baseball by dazzling them with a lot of homeruns, no hitters, and consecutive all-star games. They all have taken steroids, but this little problem cannot compare to their unbelievable accomplishments. The things they have done for the game of baseball in my opinion outshine the rest of the things they have done.

In all, I truly believe in contrast to others that people who have tested positive for steroids should be allowed in the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame. This is because they helped the game of baseball, and helped develop the game into a more popular sport. Many people have not accepted these people because they think they are cheating, but I believe they were justified in doing this, because they were just trying to help develop their games even further. After all, the game of baseball is always changing, and why get mad at guys for juts trying to get better and innovate the game.


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Lightsabers Vs Phasers: The Ultimate Sci-Fi Battle

With Star Wars gaining rapid popularity with the release of “Rogue One” and 2015’s “The Force Awakens”, and Star Trek having just released “Beyond” last year, sci-fi fans are faced with the question of whether they are a member of Starfleet or a Jedi. Whether they fight with lightsabers or phasers. The feud between two of the world’s most popular franchises is only growing with time.

While speeding from one solar system to another in the Millennium Falcon sounds like a blast, one must remember that, in Star Wars, there is a dangerous war spreading to the far corners of the galaxy. The rebels may be fighting for a good cause—but they’re still fighting. War on Earth is horrible, but imagine it with ray guns, glowing swords that can split The Hulk in two, alien animals that would do anything to take a bite out of a humanoid; and, not to mention, giant space crafts that can destroy entire planets in one blast (ahem, we’re looking at you, Death Star). The Star Wars universe is anything but desirable, but it does make for incredible fiction.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is Star Trek. This universe has its evils, too. The various TV shows and movies are focused around a space exploration vessel, the Enterprise, as it speeds through space “to seek out new life and new civilizations,” and “to boldly go where no man has gone before”. Seems simple, but this does not take into account the dangerous alien races such as the Klingons and the Romulans, both of which have been known to attack for no apparent reason, regardless of the fact that the Enterprise is an innocent ship, not seeking battle. Of course, this ship is armed with various weapons and a shield. This is not a safe place to be, yet, the people on the ship tend to come aboard with their entire families (including the small children).

Both of these amazing science fiction universes have millions of fans that wish to actually be in their dangerous universes. Fans wish to be Jedi knights, wielding the force and a lightsaber. Fans wish to beam aboard a Federation vessel and explore the galaxy alongside Captain Kirk and Picard. So, the question stands, which would be more desirable? The answer: Star Wars may be more fun, but Star Trek is infinitely safer. Welcome aboard.


Thanks for reading! (:

Should It Be Legal to Own Exotic Animals

Should It Be Legal to Own Exotic Animals?LION

                It has recently become a popular thing to buy exotic animals such as tigers and monkeys. These animals are often used to show off status especially big cats like tigers and cheetahs. A study has been shown that most of these animals die within the first two weeks because of improper caring and development. The animals that are being sold are often sold too young and haven’t had the time to properly develop with the right care. Not only that but when they are sold the people that are buying them don’t know how to properly take care of them too.

People don’t understand the commitment that these animals require, such as monkeys. People think that is will be like owning a dog or cat but monkeys are one of the most social species out there and require a lot of affection and care such as a human would. When monkeys are left alone often and caged they become mentally unstable which is not only extremely sad and unhealthy for the animal it can also turn to violence which can put the owner in danger as well.

A lot of the time these animals are also animals that are in danger and slowly beginning to extinct. Instead of continuing to put these animals in danger and letting them extinct we should focus on breeding the animals healthy and helping them grow in the wild instead of an individual’s personal need of the animal. Animals such as snakes and cats can get very big and can be dangerous. Big and wild animals like this aren’t meant to be kept in small areas. Although some people do have a lot of room for these animals it’s different from a jungle that not only has lots of other creatures but huge trees and greens.

Although people normally have good intentions of having these animals as pets that’s not what they are meant to be. These animals are meant to be hunters and rom free in their own home just as humans get to do. It has been shown that we can help breed these animals and help them become not extinct. Animals are not meant to be kept up in a house with no other interactions with other animals. It is not right to take an animal out of its wild habitat and train it as though it is not supposed to be a wild animal. Wild animals were not created and meant to be a personal pet of humans.

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College Education

Is College Education Really Worth it?

            Some people ask the question, is college really worth the time? Should I pay thousands and thousands of dollars to relearn what I have already learned in the past? All of these are good questions, and the answer to these questions is yes. College is needed to get a degree and with that degree you can get a good job.

First off, college is the best years of your life. You will encounter so many new experiences you never thought you would have. You will meet new people with different cultural backgrounds and you can learn so much about different cultures around the world. Next, if you learn about a certain culture and you travel to that place, you will know their special ‘routines’ and respects so you don’t disrespect anyone or the culture itself.

Next, even though college is a lot of money, if you get a good degree you can then pay off the student debts, and loans within a few years. In a recent Pew Research Center survey of about 2,000 people, young adults with bachelor’s degrees earned a median income of $45,500 in 2012. For people in the same age group (between 25 and 32) with two-year degrees or some college experience, median income dropped to $30,000. Those who maxed out at high-school graduation earned $28,000 (Sohn).college degree Also, some jobs give benefits. Some benefits include a flexible schedule, vacation time, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and more. With a good job, you can make a living. You can buy a house, car, food, and other needed resources for you and your family. The 2008 poverty rate for bachelor’s degree holders was 4%, compared to a 12% poverty rate for high school graduates. [11] In 2005, married couples with bachelor’s degrees were least likely to be below the poverty line (1.8%) compared to 2.7% of associate’s degree holders, 4.6% of couples with some college, and 7.1% of high school graduates. [21] According to the US Census Bureau, 1% of college graduates participated in social support programs like Medicaid, National School Lunch Program, and food stamps compared to 8% of high school graduates in 2008 (ProCon).

Lastly, if you make a lot of money, you will be happy. In order to successful, you need to be happy. If you are not happy, you will never think of the positives within your job. Most importantly, think of the positives! Positivity within the workplace creates good chemistry between the employees. With good chemistry comes good attitude, and bosses like good attitudes. If you are nice to your fellow employees, you might get a raise in the future. To conclude this piece, college is really worth all the money in the long run, think about it. In a few short years, you can pay off debts, live a happy life, and make a lot of money.




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Netflix vs YouTube

There are many choices to choose from when it comes to Netflix or YouTube. However there are many pros and cons when it comes to those choices. But which one would you choose? Both of them are great choices, you can watch almost anything. On Netflix there is Movies.Netflix Vs Youtube Picture YouTube there are videos of almost everything. Although half of the teens prefer Netflix, the other half prefers YouTube.

Starting with YouTube they have 1 billion active users each month. There are many great reasons to why YouTube is great. When you use YouTube its free most of the time, it’s free to watch videos. The only time when its cost is when you want to watch a movie. It may be a couple of dollars. There are also many options on what to watch. There’s videos about almost everything. For example, there are music videos, Videos about news, Tutorials, you can also use YouTube for teaching. Many teacher use it for educational purposes, in many different classes. They can show you a short video for History/Global studies, Math, Composition, literature, science, etc. It will show almost any video you want to see. Also buy using YouTube they can be creative in there videos. (Allie Schultz)

With Netflix there are 33 million people who watch Netflix in the US, and 11 million people who watch Netflix that are not in the US. In total there are 44 million Netflix subscribers. With Netflix there are no commercials shown unlike YouTube. There are also a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to Netflix. There are shows, movies, documentaries and a lot more also for kids too. It’s doesn’t show you parts of it shows you the full movie/TV show you want to see. Although you have to pay 7.99 a month, you still get a variety of great movies to watch.

In my opinion I find Netflix better than YouTube. There are so many choices to choose from. But when you have to choose between Netflix and YouTube. On Netflix you can see a lot of movies with different genres and with HD and Subtitles. With YouTube they sometimes don’t give you a full episode of a show you would want to watch.


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Alcohol Vs. Marijuana

Which is worse? I personally believe that alcohol is worse than marijuana. People do die from both of these addicting substances. There has been many overdoses of alcohol but no recorded deaths of an overdose on marijuana. Many people will agree with this to. Also alcohol does way more damage to the brain than marijuana could ever do. Alcohol in my opinion and many other people’s opinions is way worse than marijuana.

Yes marijuana can be addictive sometimes but it is also used for medicine. It is used for medical purposes like symptoms of sicknesses or headaches, a disease like cancer, or a long-term condition, like glaucoma or nerve pain. Marijuana is not recommended for everyone but it still isn’t as bad as alcohol. You physically CAN’T overdose on marijuana. Marijuana is used by over 100 million Americans as either a medicine just cause but it still not even close to how dangerous alcohol is.

Alcohol is in mouth wash and cough syrup and many other medicines. But it can affect its consumers. Marijuana cannot do that. Alcohol kills around 50,000 people each year from overdoses, binge drinking, and even drinking too much too fast. When people imagesCAP0EUPNare drunk from alcohol no one knows what they will do. People can be aggressive or rude and make messes without even knowing it. With marijuana if your “high” you’re just sleepy or hungry and cant to unthinkable disastrous that that you would do on accident while you were drunk.

Alcohol is worse than marijuana. Even Dr. Aaron Carrol thinks so.”After going through all the data and looking at which is more dangerous in almost any metric you would pick, pot really looks like it’s safer than alcohol,” said Dr. Aaron Carroll. He is a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine. He studied both of these “drugs” and found that alcohol IS 5 more dangerous than marijuana could ever be. Marijuana is illegal in some states but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. A lot of people use it for medicines. Yes alcohol isn’t illegal but it isn’t used strait from the bottle for medicines. It is barely in some but that doesn’t mean it is needed.

In the end alcohol and marijuana are both bad in ways. But alcohol is the still more deadly and harmful than marijuana. Because of its harmful effects and scary results that happen if you have too much alcohol. It can be used in medicines but does that mean it’s still good? No. Cause it’s not. Marijuana can’t have affects like that and it is recommended by doctors so it can’t be bad.

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Is the taste worth it?

Fast Food     The debate on healthy foods vs. junk food is one of the biggest debates ever. But I’m going to debate it anyway because I love food, it’s one of my many talents. As we all know junk food is not that great for your body, don’t get me wrong it’s delicious; but sometimes you have to make the hard decisions in life. In recent decades the consumption of fast food, convenience food and junk food has increased dramatically in the United States. “Obesity increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other chronic health conditions.” By the year 2050 obesity in the United States is expected to be 42 percent. Now even though junk food is easy, cheep, and delicious you have to do what is best for you, your body, and your health! “Your insulin levels become elevated when you eat processed sugars, such as those in soft drinks, white flour and other foods devoid of fiber and nutrients necessary to properly metabolize carbohydrates.” Therefor causing type 2 diabetes.

Most junk food that have become our favorites are made to keep us coming back for more. Most of us were introduced to junk food at a very young age, so were basically hooked from a really young age. One of the many reasons junk food is so compelling is because of the smells and the aromas, when we are hungry we require these foods to satisfy our hunger. But most importantly the smell of the fast food is what keeps us coming back for more, because it smells so good. One way to prevent this is to enjoy the smells of some of the healthier foods around us, so if you think fruit smells good smell that instead of a burger, or chips. “Artificial flavors usually include chemicals that preserve the food, and also make it taste better,” Now I’m not trying to make you hate junk food or anything I’m just stating the facts. Because I love junk food to. ““the bliss point”—that specific balance of flavors that isn’t too much, but isn’t too little, and leaves your brain craving more.” Food companies are manipulating the food so that the population buys more.

Now let’s talk about the good in junk food, Taste and smell that’s it taste and smell is all that makes junk food good. After all of the process they go through to make the customers come back but really they are using all these products to make it the best but it’s really not. It’s not good for your body, it’s not good for growing people because it increases the chance of diabetes and depression, and let’s not forget about obesity. And it only tastes good. I have looked around on the internet seeing if I could find a couple people to tell me that junk food can be good, so far I have not found anybody but I will keep looking. So think about it, is it really worth that one big mac, or the burrito? Personally I will eat something like this every once in a while, and that’s ok because who doesn’t but it does not need to be an often kind of thing.

As a result I have discovered that, as good as the food is, it is not good for your health or anybody else around you. So just some tips I’m going to throw out there are, eat healthy no matter what your mind is telling you, you can eat junk food or fast food but narrow it down a little there’s no need to eat it every week, and lastly stay away from burgers.







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