The Ship of Dreams


She was said to be the “the Ship of Dreams” and from the minute she departed from South Hampton on her maiden voyage, The RMS Titanic has been considered one of most magnificent passenger liners in human history. Piloted by Captain Edward J. Smith, the Titanic left a mark on history in many ways.

Her maiden voyage officially started on April 2, 1912. The Titanic sailed to Cherbourg, France and then Queenstown, Ireland to pick up all of its passengers for the journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The “unsinkable” Titanic arrived in Queenstown on April 10th, and the last day she saw land was Thursday, April 11. The Titanic left Queenstown and departed for New York City at 1:30 PM after loading her docks with 2,223 people aboard, awaiting their ultimate doom.

The Titanic was years ahead of its time, yet it lacked many of the ideal safety features we have today. On the gelid fifth night of her voyage, the atmosphere on the ship was altered dramatically. The ship had six guards on lookout in the crow’s nest of the ship; their main purpose was to keep watch for icebergs. Fredrick Fleet was the guard on the crow’s nest. His 11 o’clock shift was minutes from being over and there seemed to be no problems. Titanic cut through the waves like butter, at a speed of 22 knots. At 11:40 PM a loud scream broke the silence that night, “Iceberg right ahead!” and the message was passed on by mouth all the way to the bridge. Captain Smith was sleeping at the time, but received a very alarming awakening with the news of his ship colliding with a 100 feet tall iceberg.

The ship of dreams that was said to be “unsinkable”, but it crashed into the iceberg leaving a 200 foot gash into the hull of the ship. She began to take on twenty-eight degree Fahrenheit water. The freezing water flooded five of the compartments near the bottom of the ship. Sadly, the Titanic was equipped with only twenty lifeboats, which only has the capacity to hold half of the passengers on the ship. Captain Smith and the crew tried to keep everyone calm and they didn’t think the ship was going to sink but after about thirty minutes of analyzing the situation they knew that Titanic was not going to see land again. They started by filling the lifeboats with women and children first class passengers. The 2nd and 3rd class passengers had to wait until all of the first class was on the boats before they could go to the top deck of the ship and board the lifeboats. During the three hours of chaos, the crew had to fend off men and lower class passengers from boarding the lifeboats.

The Titanic broke into two pieces as the pressure of the water was too much for the ship to handle. At the time that the ship went down, there was 1,517 people who went down with it and died, either drowning or freezing to death. Only 706 people survived the sinking of the Titanic and there could have been so many more. The ship had the capacity to hold 64 lifeboats and the crew only took 20 because it “looked better” aesthetically. The RMS Carpathia arrived at 4:00 AM and brought aboard all of the lifeboats they found which took four hours. After three days, the Carpathia arrived with the 706 survivors in New York.

Although this disaster was nobody’s fault, there could have been so many more lives saved. The first life boat that was launched held 12 people, with the capacity to hold 65. Only 31% of the people on the Titanic survived and 61% of those passengers were first class. 23% of third class passengers survived and 42% of standard class survived. In this disaster, we can not go back in time to fix what has been done, but we can learn from it. No life is worth more than another. As Titanic lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean its legacy lives on, forever.


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The Yeezy Boost is the most sought after shoe in the world, selling out almost immediately after their release. The master mind behind these shoes is 39 year old, Atlanta native and multimillion dollar rap star, Kanye West. I’m sure you know what Yeezy’s are, anyone who knows even minimal about shoes or Kanye West knows that these shoes are very expensive and hard to obtain due to rapid selling out and the limited number of models made.  Kanye has created many different color ways and designs, but where did it all start? How did the price of Yeezy’s overtake the price of retro Jordan’s? How did “Yeezy jump over jumpman?”

When you think of Yeezy’s you probably think of the brand Adidas, however the first shoe released by Kanye was a collaboration with Bape, a Japanese clothing line. The shoe was the Bape signature “Bapesta” and feature Kanye West’s “Drop out Bear” a signature logo from his earlier albums. The shoe was released in 2007, in very limited quantities, and they still remain elusive to this day.

His next two releases came in 2009, but he had switched from the company “Bape” to the high end company “Louis Vuitton,” and the athletic company, “Nike.” The shoes was named “Louis Vuitton Don” and the “Air Yeezy One.” Each had three colorways, and were very expensive. The “Louis Vuitton Don” sold out fairly quickly, but the “Air Yeezy One” took more time than expected for Kanye fans to buy the shoe, however others were excited about the release. The “Louis Vuitton Don” costs between 990 and 1,140 dollars, while the “Air Yeezy One” costs around 215 dollars when released, but since the number of models made was so low, they now resell for around 1,000 dollars.

Kanye’s next release didn’t come until 2012, where he released the second version of the shoe “Air Yeezy” and as you can probably guess, it was called the “Air Yeezy Two.” These were his best shoes yet, being worn by NBA athletes and A-list celebrities on the red carpet. The shoe sold out quickly, only costing 245 dollars, but just like the “Air Yeezy One,” there was limited models made, bring the resell price of the shoe much higher than the original price. Three colorways of this shoe were released, two coming in 2012 and one releasing in 2014, due to Yeezy’s departing with Nike, and transitioning to Adidas.


When Kanye first collaborated with Adidas, they celebrated the partnership by releasing the “Yeezy Boost 750.” This shoe showed more creative freedom from Kanye, which is the reason many believed that he departed from Nike. The first released of this shoe happened in October of 2016. This shoe is still pricey, but is more common than his previously released shoes. Before the “Yeezy Boost 750” the “Yeezy Boost 350,” was released in the summer of 2015. The “750’s” costed about 350 dollars, and came in three colorways. The “350’s” costed about 220 dollars, and came in 9 colorways, releasing in two separated versions. The second version having “Supply 350” on the side. Both types of shoes resell for around 1,200 dollars on sites like Flight Club and Stock X.



Kanye has had a very successful career as a rapper and as a shoe designer. He’s made a lot of designs and colorways and I’m sure more will be released in the future. I hope I can get my hands on a pair, only if I had a thousand dollars. Maybe I’ll try and cop the next Yeezy release.


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2017 NFL DRAFT… Who will be picked??

2017 NFL DRAFT, who will be picked?

It’s that time of year again, every College Football players dream, and often the NFL fans favorite day of the year. Yes, I’m talking about the 2017 NFL Draft. College football players go through a grueling couple month process that shows their determination and work ethic. They start with having a great season and proving they are good enough players to get NFL coaches attention. If they are lucky enough to do this, they might get invited to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Here they show off their skills, and get rated on their abilities. After they prove their good enough to get a good rating they participate in their Colleges Pro Day which is like the NFL Combine, but with more focus on the individual player. All this hard work and they are still not guaranteed to get drafted./ The NFL Draft has 7 rounds with a pick for every team in each round, still making it hard to get drafted because only the top 200 or so players get drafted leaving over 1000 unsigned players crushed of their dream. In this article we will look at the Top 10 picks and what these teams are looking for.

`The first thing to talk about is what position each top 10 team is looking for. The first team is the Cleveland Browns, they are a team with a struggling future who are always looking for a star player to take the team to new heights. This year they will be looking for either a star player on defensive line, or a star running back or quarterback. The next pick up is the San Fran 49ers. They are a dent team however they lack a good defense to take them to new heights. This is who I look for them to draft with this pick. After them is the Chicago Bears, although they have a good offense they lack a stellar defensive back. They will look deep into the Safety position to pick the perfect candidate for this selection. Next up will be the Jacksonville Jaguars, they are a star studded team but haven’t performed well in recent years. This pick will be hard to predict, but I’m thinking they will draft a defensive lineman with this pick. Coming up next is a young team with promising talent, the Tennessee Titans. They are a good team all around, but  I am thinking they will be bold and draft a wide receiver with this pick.

Coming in with the 6th pick, is the New York Jets. They have had a couple good seasons in recent years, but lack a star player to carry them to the playoffs. With this pick they will get a running back. After the old but always good Jets is the LA Chargers. They have been sliding downhill in recent years, and are desperate for a good defensive linemen, so I expect them to get a big D-Lineman with this pick. Next to the podium after the new city LA Chargers is the former NFC Champion Carolina Panthers. After a disappointing season, with this pick they need a talented Offensive Lineman to keep their greatest player healthy, Cam Newton. Next after the disappointed Panthers is the Cincinnati Bengals. They are a great overall team, however they are lacking a good running back. Rounding out the top ten is the Buffalo Bills. They have had some great teams over the years, however right now they are in desperate need of an Offensive Lineman.

Now to the best part, the players who are getting drafted, I have predicted the positions, now here is the players getting picked. With the first pick, I have Myles Garrett being taken as a no brainer with the first pick. With the second pick I have a surprise, and I have a surprise pick, Malik Hooker from Ohio State. And with maybe my most surprising prediction yet, I have Jonathan Allen from Alabama being taken 3rd.  Coming in with the 4th I have Jamal Adams from LSU being taken. Coming I with the 5th I have the Titans drafting Corey Davis from Western Michigan. Right behind him at number 6, I have the Jets taking arguably the best player in the draft, Leonard Fournette. After this, I have the Chargers taking Marshon Lattimore from Ohio State. And at the 8th pick I have Takkarist McKinley being chosen. Coming in at the 9th I have Dalvin Cook getting scooped up by the Bengals. And last but not least, coming in at #10 I have Forrest Lamp being taken to fill the Offensive Line position.

In all the NFL Draft is always a big deal and you can expect it to be a great event as always. The teams in the top ten will get great players who will fill the voids in their teams. Surprisingly enough this year, I don’t have any player being a bust… Every player in the first round of the draft seems to be able to make an immediate impact on their team. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something.

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Our Closest Living Relative is Dying Off

Some of our most closely related relatives are facing extinction in the Congo Basin. They are among the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom, we share 98.7% of our DNA with them, they are sometimes called pygmy chimpanzees and less often, the dwarf or gracile chimpanzee, their scientific name is Pan Paniscus but their most common name is the Bonobo. They are smaller than the chimps and have a darker pigmentation around there face. They are typically more docile and the leader is usually female.

There only habitat is the Congo River Basin in Africa.   The Congo Basin is one of the most important wilderness areas left on Earth. At 500 million acres, it is larger than the state of Alaska and stands as the world’s second-largest tropical forest. Only some of the Bonobo’s habitat is in a protected wilderness area making them vulnerable to poaching. Specific bonobo body parts are believed to enhance sexual vigor or strength. They are also killed and trapped to use them as bushmeat, keep them as pets and for use in traditional medicine.

One of the differences between the Bonobo and its Chimpanzee cousins are their behavioral patterns. Chimp troupes are typically led by a dominate male that would mate with the majority of the females (Did you know that a female chimp is called an empress?) and this can provoke violence and competition within a troupe. A Bonobo troupe is led by a female, and a pair will usually mate for life making for a more docile community. Although they are friendly to each other they can be very violent to their rivals.

As previously stated this species is on the endangered list. Scientists and biologists can’t accurately predict the overall population due to the remoteness of their habitat and the rising contentions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has been estimated that their population is around 10,000 to 50,000 and has been dwindling for the past 30 years and is forecasted to decline for 45 to 55 more. An organization named WWF is actively trying to save the reaming population in the Congo. They have given better training and equipment to anti-poaching units to protect the population that lives outside the reserve. WWF has provided training, equipment and field supplies for the non-governmental organizations that are conducting surveys of bonobo populations. A survey of large mammals in the DRC’s Lac Télé-Lac Tumba Landscape revealed a previously unknown population of bonobos, a population that has the highest density and largest group size of the animals anywhere in their range. After this discovery, WWF helped to establish the Lac Tumba-Lediima Nature Reserve, which will help to protect this dwindling species.

The Bonobo is a very special animal and should be recognized by the world. They are our closest living relatives by sharing 98.7% of their DNA with us and their cousins the chimps. These species are more docile with their family and troupe than the chimps who continually have conflict. You can help support the Bonobo by visiting the WWF website.



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History of baseball

History of Baseball

The history of baseball revolves around Massachusetts which is now famous for their team The Boston Red Sox. Back then it was a gentlemen’s game. You would tell the pitcher if you wanted the ball a little higher or a little lower. You could also make a catch off of the first bounce and it would be an out. It has now changed into the competitive game it is today. The game now revolves around money and is not based around the gentlemen aspect it used to be in the early form of the game.

The earliest form baseball was mentioned was in 1791 Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It was played with a soft ball and no baseball gloves. The rules were modified from todays. Now the game is played with gloves, a hard ball, and is not as much of a gentlemen’s game as it used to be. The growth of the game was partially due to the variations of cricket that were played on the East coast areas. They played games called town ball and other variations of it which quickly spread and brought baseball what it is today.

After the game picked up and started to become more famous of course they decided to make a professional league. With this the sport started to grow even more rapidly that it did before. The people playing the game at the time weren’t playing it for money, but because it was what they loved to do. By the time the professional league came around baseball was played the way it is today. The only difference was players were not payed the big salary that they are now. Babe Ruth, one of the most famous players of the game was only payed $80,000 a year at the time. Which now translates to 1.6 million. This may seem like a lot, but Clayton Kershaw was payed $35,571,428 this year alone.

Finally we talk about the dead-ball era. This was a time between 1900 and 1919 which was a time where pitchers such as Cy Young completely dominated the major leagues. Each game was very low scoring and undesirable to watch. At this time it seemed as if the pitching had gotten to the point where the batters would not be able to catch up. People were thinking that they were going to have to either change the rules to give the hitters an advantage or disable pitchers in one way or another.

In conclusion baseball hasn’t always been the sport it is today. There are a huge selection of reasons it is played the way it is today. Everything from the change in rules to the massive change in following and salary. There are key players that formed the game into the way it is now as well as cities that changed it. Baseball had a series of fortunate events to change the rules so people would enjoy it, have cities follow it and fund professional sports teams, and gain following so it would be the sport it is today.

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History of the Bow

Did you know that Archery is considered to be one of the oldest sports in the world? It is believed that the early Neanderthal’s use a bow and arrow but the latest official record was from 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Archery was not only used for hunting but in 1900 it debut in the summer Olympics in Paris France. The sport was discontinued 1924 but came back in Munich, Germany for the 1972 Olympics and has stayed ever since. The sport continues today as both a method of hunting and a competition sport.

One of the oldest bows found in known as the Holmegaard bow. This bow was discovered during WWII in the peat bogs of Denmark. It is dated to around 7000 years BC, in the Mesolithic period based on the layers of peat it was found in. This bow was found in four different pieces and measured to be 64 inches long. It considered to be a self-bow which is a bow made of a single piece of wood and might have a built up handle. Historians believe it came from the Maglemose people who were found on the island of Sjælland in Denmark. The Maglemose were very sophisticated hunters, they used domestic dogs and had decorated dug-out canoes. Although this bow is the oldest bow to be found It is now the oldest on the have existed. No one knows exactly when the bow and arrow were created but some scientists believe that they could have been used in the Paleolithic era around 70,000 years ago.

As the sport increased in popularity it was introduce to Asia where it became a big part of its culture. A new fighting style was created from the introduction and was originally known as kyujutsu which means “The art of the bow”. Today the Japanese call it kyudo or “Way of the bow”, Modern Kyudo is practiced primarily as a method of physical, moral, and spiritual development. It was at this time that the bow and arrow began to be use as a weapon of war. Attila the Hun was known to use a bow in combat and he conquered much of Europe and Asia in the 3rd century. The ancient Egyptians used arrows as weapons in battle. Arrows were made by attaching arrowheads made of either bronze or flint to reeds.

Starting in the late 19th century the bow and arrow became more modern. A rotating cam system and a machined riser were added. This is known as a compound bow and is the most commonly use bow today. The riser is the main part of the bow that has the grip and the rest. The cams are at the end of the limbs, these allow the bow to have a let-off and a smoother draw cycle. Let-off makes it easier for the shooter to stay steady because he is not holding all of that potential energy. A smoother draw cycle makes it more comfortable to shoot and a smoother release making everything more accurate. Because of the new riser, accessories can be attached to the bow such as a sight for more accurate aiming, a stabilizer (which is a weighted rod that is screwed into the riser for better stabilization), and a rest for a consistent place for the arrow to sit. Since the invention of the compound bow, they have been divided into two categories, hunting compound bows and target bows. A hunting bow will be smaller, typically between 28 and 34 inches long so it is easier to move through the woods. They will also have a more natural color obviously for blending in. Target archers will typically have a larger bow because they are bore stable, also their stabilizers and very long. The jump from the “stick bows” to a more complicated compound bow is the biggest advancement in archery history.Image result for pro defiant

The sport of archery has evolved immensely as we can see. The ancient bows were made of wood and consisted of a grip and a single string. As the centuries passed the bow was used for different things but the most common was for war. Archery became a part of Asian culture and formed a new fighting style. In the late 19th century a huge jump occurred when the compound bow was invented. This bow was very accurate compared to the long-bows and the recurves. Archery is one of the oldest sports known to man and still continues today.





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The Balance of Overwatch, and its Importance

Overwatch is a game made by Blizzard Entertainment based heavily on team composition and character choice. There are 5 default modes in Overwatch, in which those included are Payload, Hybrid, 2 Control Point, and King of The Hill. 2 Control point is the worst, as the first point is too far from defense and too close to offense, while the second point is too close to defense and too far from offense. King of The Hill is the best, because its maps are always completely symmetrical, meaning it’s completely on you and your team if you fail. Payload is like 2 CP except the point is moving if enemies are on it, and defense wins if the payload does not make it to the last point. Hybrid is a mixture between 2 CP and Payload, including a first point and a payload. In order for the payload portion to be included, the first point must be captured.

The balance of each game-mode relies on the map, its choke-points, and the flow. KoTH doesn’t have this problem because both sides of the map are exactly the same, just mirrored. KoTH almost entirely relies on how well you communicate with your team and your individual skills. Payload is a generally good mode, but some maps are too tight and some are too open. 2 Control Point is a massive pain to play, as each of the two points are always too close or too far away from someone. Hybrid feels like you’re playing 2CP, with only one control point and a payload. This mode is less enjoyable because it almost always includes a tight choke-point.

Overall, Overwatch is well balanced map-wise outside of 2CP.

The Problems With School

School is not perfect, there are a problems with how the learning system and environment are set up, how students and teachers act during class, how students and teachers treat each other during school hours, as well as how the school treats certain events and problems.

When it comes to school and technology, they don’t always mix. Teachers sometimes are not the most tech-savvy with computers and even projectors, and considering that the modern world is becoming more intertwined with technology, we need to start teaching students as well as teachers to be more familiar with technology as well as the proper time to use it, but more on that later. In my opinion, one of the reasons behind this might be the lack of funding given to some (not all) schools for perching computers to use to teach.

Speaking of funding, that’s another problem with schools today. Not all schools have access to a good amount of funding and can’t afford the resources to educate their students as best as they can. Quote “Less funding means smaller staffs, fewer resources and a lower number of services for students. (Chen)”. This becomes an even bigger issue when there are budget cuts made for certain schools or a group of schools, and even though some people say that funding won’t fix problems with a school and while there’s some truth to that depending on the school’s decisions, both me and others believe that the lack of funding is what creates some (if not all) of these problems in the first place. A good example of this problem could be a teacher that loses and/or forgets (sometimes on purpose for questionable reasons, if any) a student’s work or even major assignments and the student’s grade would start to plummet. Yet, no matter how many complaints the office staff and principal get from students, parents,etc.., they can’t afford to hire a replacement because of a tight budget and that’s not completely their fault.

Moving away from the broad statements of “Its the ENTIRE school’s fault”, we come to a problem that most can probably relate to in some fashion, bullying. Yes, I understand that for some people talking about how bullying is a problem in schools might sound like a broken record, yet there’s a reason for me to mention it (especially with the recent rise of suicide in my district). When a student bullies someone else, it’s a horrible and disheartening experience for the victims, and if it becomes a major issue,some victims might be driven to suicide. all  because a bully can make a great person feel like they’re nothing but the scum of the earth, in other words, completely worthless. Not only that, but with what I said earlier about the modern world becoming intertwined more and more with technology (for those just skimming over the article and don’t understand or are curious about what I mean by “what I said earlier”, go read the first paragraph) also applies to bullying. With the accessibility that comes with social media, bullies can resort to cyber bullying a victim, because what you  can say on social media can be a lot worse than what you can get away with saying on a school campus. But even if we ignore cyber bullying (admittedly, it’s very tough to stop), bullying is as, if not more prevalent than maybe 20, 40 years ago, and schools STILL haven’t found a reliable way to deal with it. Not only that, but some schools often don’t care about it and others may punish a victim of bullying for fighting back or fighting in SELF DEFENCE. Picture this for your example, you’re being bullied by this kid at your school, at first it’s just verbal bullying, but one day, this bully decides to beat you up (maybe to assert dominance over you or because they want to hit something or some other reason I can’t think of), so they walk up to you and just start hitting you, so you decide to fight back. Next thing you know, as you’re fighting, a crowd starts to form and chant “fight, fight, fight”(Maybe some one in there shouting “WORLDSTAR”, but you get the idea), this crowd attracts a teacher, one thing leads to another and suddenly you’ve been released  from the office with your new, shiny one week suspension because you fought back in SELF DEFENCE!!! Do you think that’s FAIR. (P.S: to those who just read through all that, 1. Thanks for sticking with me so far, really appreciate it. And 2. Sorry for the one page paragraph, I just need to get a point across.)

Another factor that’s not a school’s complete fault is student behaviour. When it comes to a classroom, it’s supposed to be a place of learning and/or finishing work, yet, the behaviour of certain (common) students is rather disruptive and distracting to the class. Some students often don’t respect each other or even the teacher! In that kind of scenario, if it’s left unchecked, these students can ruin a daily class for both the students and teachers. An example of this can be a student maybe didn’t hear something there teacher said because of, let’s say mishearing something, and these disruptive students start getting on them for not paying attention and call them an idiot. Another factor in a classroom is what I hinted to earlier, (Spoiler Warning: if you didn’t read paragraph one before this, then skip ahead to the conclusion, but, if you did or just don’t care, than continue) the use of technology in a classroom environment. Phones can be a distraction to students within a classroom, so, in order to combat this distraction, I suggest two ideas, 1. Just in case, try to make lessons more fun and interesting as well as educational for the students so they won’t be tempted to take out their phones in the first place, and 2. Confiscate students phones if they are not being used properly.

In conclusion, there are some messed up things with schools, like seriously, to all the inanimate, nonliving school buildings out there, GET IT TOGETHER. (P.S: if my harmless sarcastic humor in some places offended you, then i just need to say, sorry i’m not sorry, after all, this is the same guy that put “We Are Number One” in the announcements 🙂 (P.P.S: great song by the way 🙂


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STAR_, the Relatable Hardcore Gamer

STAR_ is a person who uploads videos on YouTube, and is very well known for his Team Fortress 2 content. He was a professional TF2 player and was featured in multiple Tip of the Hats events, and played against many other professional teams. After he got fairly high in the TF2 scene, a new game came out, wrenching his interest from TF2 to a game called “Overwatch”. He is now a professional Overwatch player, being in the competitive scene with his friend Korea. STAR_ is most well known for his video series where he plays TF2 with his friend Jerma985 labelled “Jerma is Mad”. The series involved him playing matches against Jerma, and absolutely smashing him. He eventually stopped uploading almost entirely, and moved on to upload mostly on his alternate channel, called ster 2. He mostly uploads Overwatch and occasionally other games. STAR_ is a hardcore relatable gamer, and he is truly a hero.

History of freestyle BMX

Bmx today is a well known sport  with all the innovations to the bikes the different styles company’s and all of the well known contests. It has grown a ton from when it started and the athletes have grown like the bmx pioneer Dave Mirra at the x games.

 with the first bmx team and   The early 1970s kids started to race their bikes on dirt tracks in southern california. This became known as Bicycle motocross or BMX. This sport grew really fast up to the late 1970s a man by the name of Bob Haro invented freestyle bmx by landing the first ever documented Rockwall in a parking lot he soon had made the first ever freestyle trick team known as the “Bmx Action Trick Team” who consisted of mike buff, Pat Romano, Ron Wilton and the commander R.L Osborn. The team soon went their separate ways Bob Haro had left for other opportunities and soon created the well known bike brand Haro. while R.L. Osborn made and controlled the RedLine freestyle team.

Bmx had grown nationwide and soon become part of the X-Games were a man by the name of Dave Mirra who made the sport bigger by pulling some of the most most legendary tricks like the double back flip, Pocket Air, and the Corkscrew 720. Dave mirra was soon known as the Miracle Man. he had the most medals won in x games but was recently passed by skateboarder Bob Burnquist.

Bmx has grown over there years and every day new tricks and styles are created such as Street, vert, park etc. more and more people are being inspired every day and it’s not stopping anytime soon.bmx-media