Mr. Stabolepszy

Mr.Stabolepszy is a cool teacher but he moved a lot when he was in school. The schools he went to include Flatirons Elementary, Baseline Jr. High, Capulin, and Boulder High school. He went to many different colleges such as Colorado Mountain College, Ft. Lewis College, the University of Colorado, and finally the University of Northern Colorado.

He must like kids because he started teaching in 1993 he was 25 years old when he started. Mr.Stabolepszy like’s a lot of sports but his two sports the really likes are Snowboarding and mountaineering. He like’s most of the classes in school but his favorite was art.  He is always cool but every summer he goes on a trip to weird places.

But why I picked Mr. Stabolepszy is that he is a real fun and nice teacher. The thing is that he is really strict some times. He will help you with all the home work you have and will work with you to help. That is why I picked Mr. Stabolepszy.

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