Hockey is the best sport

Hockey is the best sport in the world because it is the most fun to play. In my opinion, hockey is the hardest sport and it is for the hardest working people. It is not just a sport it is a lifestyle. It takes more skill to play hockey than any other sport simply because you have to know how to ice skate and handle a hard rubber puck with a stick. You have to do this while 150-200 pound People are trying to kill you.

Hockey has been evolving since the NHL began in 1917. But the greatest position is goalie. Goalie is the best spot on the ice because you are the back bone of the team and you have the most fun. However, many people believe it is the worst sport ever. They may feel this way because they don’t know how to skate

I will look forward to playoff hockey on the virus network. If you play hockey you have a likely possibility to get hurt like a concussion or a broken bone. There are more problems than getting hurt, you could get killed by a hockey puck to the head or get cut across the neck by an ice skate. I would encourage you to play hockey or at least try to play because you would have a good time.

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