Mrs. Fromang

Mrs. Fromang is one of the coolest teachers I know. She has worked in the school district for 21 years. But that is not the half of it. She was also born in San Diego, California. She loves helping kid’s because she likes being able to work with students, watch them become successful, and meet their goals.

Mrs. Fromang loves all her classes this year. When she went to school her school names were Santee Elementary, Casa De Oro Elementary, and Spring Valley Jr. High. “I went to Monte Vista High School and also attended classes at Front Range Community College.” She has three children, two sons ages 34 and 32, and a daughter age 28.  “When I was in high school I went to an elementary school and worked as a reading aide. I have worked with students since then. I have also worked at a preschool, middle school, and a high school.”

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