Media Productions Final

Media productions final

            Throughout this semester I learned multiple things in this class, but there are three skills that I learned that I feel like I can use throughout my life. But first the reason that I wanted to be in this class is because my step dad is the owner of snob productions the largest production company that specializes in lighting, audio, video company, and ever since he has come into my life it has interest me to learn how to do the things that he does with his company that is growing at a fast rate.

One of the skills that I learned is how to edit audio and video on a basic level that will at least get me started in that field of work. Thither things I could use that for is I can do small projects on hunting and fishing videos as side projects because that is a huge part of my life I am constantly doing things up in the mountains and I want to show my experiences with others and this class showed me how to add pictures into videos and put music along with it which could be an important skill in my future carrier.

The second skill I learned was how to blog even though I am not very good at it is still something that could come in handy for advertising and getting the word out of my family’s company’s and learn how to put stuff on the web to show what experiences I will be going through in the future.

The most important skill that I learned is how to edit photos and that is because I am interested in photos in the outdoors and I eventually want to continue my brothers and friends small hunting clothing line and do everything I can to get it on a big scale so where we could actually be making a huge prophet out of it and the reason I feel like I need this skill is I want to take our personal hunting experiences and advertise our brand and the animals that we hunt and to do that I need to learn how to put our brand on those photos I take and go and remake our logo out of one of the pictures that I took.

In conclusion I feel like these three skills are the best for me to learn and take out of this class along with the many others that I have learned. These skills are going to help me in my carrier choice no matter what I do I will need to know how to run this software and the computer so I just want to thank Mr. Decker for showing me these skills and teaching me not to be camera shy and to push me to work harder.



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