My Thoughts About The Year

This year in Media Production was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken, we learned quite a lot in this class about how to create media. My three favorite things about this class are learning how to edit, being on the announcements (plus not having the emotion of a plank of wood), and being part of/creating skits for the commercials.

Editing is one of the best skills a person can learn when it comes to the film industry. It allows you to take any recording you have and make something great out of it, whether the thing you want to make is epic, terrifying, or just plain funny, editing allows you to create something amazing out of some vary basic footage. However, depending on how creative or crazy you want the final product to be, recording can be a bit awkward and/or time consuming (for example if you want to edit a picture into the final product and point at it, during the recording you’ll be pointing at nothing.

Being on the announcement crew is an amazing experience. What we do is we create a script (or if both you and your partner are willing, your script could just have some notes of what you need to mention and you could improvise the rest), review it and make sure it sounds natural, and then you record (hopefully you don’t sound like a plank of wood), it’s that simple yet it’s rather fun to do.

The last thing i’m going to talk about in this piece of writing or whatever you want to call it is creating skits for our I.R.O.A.R commercials. What we did for this is we would go to a board that has our IROAR definitions and a bunch of general examples for each letter and we would create a skit that shows how to act in that situation.

My year in Media Production was an amazing one and i’m really looking forward to doing this again next year. To anyone whose thinking about whether to join the Media crew next year, I have to say DO IT.

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