Could you imagine life without music? If there were no music, I would not know as much as I do now. For example, sports would be boring because sports have a rhythm like swimming, hockey and others. In swimming you could not swim fast and strait if you did not have rhythm. In any sport you have to have some type of rhythm. I could not stop a hockey puck if I did not have a rhythm.

School would be total chaos if there were no schedule because there would not be any order. I would feel very sad. I would not know how to type either or do more than half the stuff I could do if there was no music. No one would be able to stand living if there was no music, even birds are music. For example sparrows are musical, which is how they talk to each other. Nobody could whistle to or have any fun. People have to have music to dance to. If there was no music it would greatly impacted me and the whole world. But on top of all that there would not be any sirens for cop cars, ambulances paramedics and the fire trucks. One of our band substitutes said, “We would find that if the world did not have music, then it would be udder chaos “.

Music is so important to me because in school I am in band. I’m leasing to music a lot so I can consternate. I would hate if I could not have music because it keeps me constricted so I can go all day. The world would be without color.

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