Mr. Decker

Mr. Decker loved to play sports and build Legos as a child. He mainly rode bikes and wrestled when he was around the age of nine. His main hobby was to collect baseball and football cards, which he still has. When he was a teenager his favorite things to do were play sports, such as wrestling and football. In the summer time Mr. Decker had a job with his friends, and would hang out in the downtown area of Steamboat CO. He was born and raised in Steamboat. Mr. Decker has two older brothers, when they were younger Mr. Decker’s middle brother would pick on him all the time, but Mr. Decker’s older brother always looked out for him.

Mr. Decker has had 7 vehicles in his life and his very first vehicle was a Toyota Corolla Coop. He describes this car as a box, but liked it because it was fast and it had a sunroof so it worked well for high school. He went to Steamboat Springs High school and had a 3.5 GPA. Mr. Decker feels that he didn’t give 100% when he was in high school; he feels that he could have done a lot better, and should have taken it more seriously. He played many sports in high school such as, football, wrestling, track, and baseball. He only played baseball to be with his friends, he didn’t take it very serious.

Mesa State College selected Mr. Decker to play football for them. He graduated college with a teaching license in physical education, 2 minors one in computer graphics, and one in personal training. He also has 2 endorsements one in printing and publishing, also one in visual design arts. His master is in integrating technology. He went to 7 years of additional school after high school. Mr. Decker became a teacher, because his dad was a teacher, and he loved the idea of not having to work in the summer that is his favorite part about his job. The only thing Mr. Decker doesn’t like about his job is the 3rd quarter lag. This is when everything just seems to slow down, and the material gets old and it drags on. Mr. Decker’s hobbies obviously changed drastically from when he was a child. He now likes to golf, wakeboard, camp, and fish. Mr. Decker’s brother has a boat, and takes them to Lake Powell at least twice a year. Mr. Decker also gets the opportunity to go snowmobiling every once in a while with his brothers. The one thing Mr. Decker would change if he could go back would be, to take high school more seriously because he feels that he didn’t apply himself 100% and he believes he could have done a lot better job.

I have had the opportunity to have Mr. Decker as a teacher, and he is a great teacher. He is enthusiastic about what he teaches, so it never gets boring. Mr. Decker is always willing to help you out with your assignment, but he doesn’t baby someone either which is really nice.

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