Pc vs Console

Pc vs. Console is highly arguable. Everyone that plays console argues that it’s the best, and everyone that plays pc says that its better.  It seems like more people play pc, but only know a few games. They may be big titles but usually people who play console know a lot more games that are out for sale. The reason could be they don’t sell pc games at your local GameStop, only console. So you have to find the game online or from a friend, there’s also a rare chance you will see it in an ad. I play both pc and console, I believe that console is a laid back feel, unless you are going competitive.  But pc is easy to use, so a lot of peopleImage result for pc vs console are good at it. People tend to be good at pc games because of the controls so it makes it a lot more competitive and fun. I believe pc is the favored one of most console and pc players. Mainly all major games are set at a price of 60$. That’s actually the minimum game creators go, for the people that think it’s expensive (kind of is). But pc games price tend to go down faster. 62% of gamers play pc while 56% of games player console. What about the cost for both the pc and console. The Xbox One S is
around $$350 with featured games at 1 TB. However pc’s average cost around $500-700. But you can also do so much more with a pc. In the end they are both battling it out to be in the top spot, and I don’t think any of them will win anytime soon




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Apple vs. Samsung

The IPhone 7 and the Samsung s7 have the some similarities and differences. For example both phones have claimed to be water proof. With Samsung’s new Galaxy s7 you can have up to 256GB Samsung says goodbye to blurry picture and hello to low light pictures that looks great with their new camera. IPhone has two cameras and that is supposed to 2x the normal zooms you can get those up close and personal shots. In the picture to the iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: comparison of the quality of the shotright, the phones cameras may look the same but if you look closely you can see that the s7 has more of a pink color to it and the colors look lighter on the s7. On the IPhone picture the flower looks redder and the colors look a little more natural. We won’t know what the flower really looked like but pic which one you could like to see more. Both of these phones they both keep up with each other. The Samsung s7 says it has made the wireless charging faster and easier to charge your phone from 0-100 in no time. The new and improved lightning charger for the IPhone 7 says to charge the phone faster. Both new phones now have a way to pay using your phone using the wallet apps. The two phones have a lot that they fight about but they are more alike than we think.


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How did snowboarding start?

Snow boarding started with a guy named Jack Burchett. He had a plank of ply wood, tied together with horse reins, that was his new invention. 30 years later an eighth grade student named Tom Sims (who eventually created the sims snowboards), who was obsessed with skate boarding made a “ski board” as a woodwork project. It was a rounded plank of pine with a nose kick in the front and a carpet on top to supply much needed traction. The bottom had aluminium and candle wax that would supply the sliding action that allowed him to surf across the snow. it caught the eye of a few people here and there but it didn’t get caught commercially until 1965. A dad was trying to get his kids out of the house on a snowy day, so he invented the Snurfer (snow and surf together). It was 2 children’s skis bolted together and a length of cord for balance. Eventually he had the neighborhood at his doorstep asking for the same thing, and 6 months later the snurfer was patented and manufactured. Even after that everyone saw it was a kids toy, nothing for adults. 1972 Dimitrije Milovich made the first snosnowboardwboard as we know them today. But even if people started riding them, the ski resorts wouldn’t let them in, they said that their insurance policy didn’t cover them. He later showed them up with a written confirmation from major insurance brokers for ski resorts. That is when everything changed. Later the growing sport was recognized by the winter Olympics, and team GB sent 7 snowboard athletes to sochi to compete in the snowboard slope style. The on going sport has blown up, remember to wear the proper gear if you ever decide to try it out, I encourage you to.




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YouTube is an amazing place where people can be themselves, and be whoever they want to be. The creators where Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim out of a garage in Menlo Park. The started working on the idea at a dinner party in San Francisco in 204, and after that, it didn’t take long for YouTube to take off and gain popularity. People watch approximately four billion hours’ worth of video each month, and 72 hours’ worth of video is uploaded every minute. This video sharing sit has jump started many careers like Justin Biebers and Psy (the guy who sung Gangnam Style).  This amazing video sharing forum has created many jobs besides just the ones for the many singers. It has also help start careers for many people who have committed their lives to making people happy on the internet and giving people a place to escape to wyoutube-logohen life is hard in the real world. The most subscribed YouTuber is PewDiePie with 49,184,005 million subscribers. He has made his life work making people happy and giving them a place to escape to. YouTube is a very important place to me. That’s where I go when life gives me lemons, I make lemonade out of it and go escape to the YouTube world.



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The Life of Mrs. Muller

Ms. Muller went to Redlands middle school and had good friends. She told me a story of how Mr. Henderson predicted her homecoming date, he was right. She loved sports like Volleyball, basketball, track, and she started Varsity as a freshman. In college she had a great schedule with a lot of downtime to hang out with friends, and she only lived 4 hours away from her family so they stayed close. She went to Colorado State University. I asked her why she chose ELA, and she said that she failed at learning to being a math teacher first. I also said why did you chose the F8/9 school instead of the other schools, and she said that she loved the staff. She wanted to be a teacher because she limg_19051oves kids. Her first job was at Starbucks, and she use to live in Ft. Collins. She enjoys watching sports like football and basketball on her free time, as well as go on runs. Ms. Muller is an amazing teacher that’s really funny, and chill with her classes. She will mostly be upfront with you on saying do you have this turned in, and you need to turn in your work. Which can really help when you need it. She makes class a lot easier with her style of teaching and everyone that has her class loves her. She is one of those amazing teachers that you get to know and have a good year with.



Ms. Bronson

Ms. Bronson is a Global studies teacher who went to Clear Creek middle school and high school. Ms. Bronson says she has many great memories most of them being from hanging out with her family and friends. From the day Ms. Bronson could remember she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. She was a very busy high schooler between playing soccer, softball, track, and being on the ski team. With high school came the classes in high school. Ms. Bronsons favorite class was government in high school. Using her love of government and hard work she went to college and got a degree. She still worked hard in college though. She wasn’t one to go partying every night instead she worked hard and got her first job at Qudoba. She wanted to come to our great school because it was smaller and everybody knows each other. Ms. Bronson has always been very passionate about the world and its cultures. I am very happy to have Ms. Bronson as a teacher this year. She just got engaged and she is training to become a vice principal. I wish her luck on her journey through the rest of her life!

History of freestyle BMX

Bmx today is a well known sport  with all the innovations to the bikes the different styles company’s and all of the well known contests. It has grown a ton from when it started and the athletes have grown like the bmx pioneer Dave Mirra at the x games.

 with the first bmx team and   The early 1970s kids started to race their bikes on dirt tracks in southern california. This became known as Bicycle motocross or BMX. This sport grew really fast up to the late 1970s a man by the name of Bob Haro invented freestyle bmx by landing the first ever documented Rockwall in a parking lot he soon had made the first ever freestyle trick team known as the “Bmx Action Trick Team” who consisted of mike buff, Pat Romano, Ron Wilton and the commander R.L Osborn. The team soon went their separate ways Bob Haro had left for other opportunities and soon created the well known bike brand Haro. while R.L. Osborn made and controlled the RedLine freestyle team.

Bmx had grown nationwide and soon become part of the X-Games were a man by the name of Dave Mirra who made the sport bigger by pulling some of the most most legendary tricks like the double back flip, Pocket Air, and the Corkscrew 720. Dave mirra was soon known as the Miracle Man. he had the most medals won in x games but was recently passed by skateboarder Bob Burnquist.

Bmx has grown over there years and every day new tricks and styles are created such as Street, vert, park etc. more and more people are being inspired every day and it’s not stopping anytime soon.bmx-media

The Key to Success

success1In this society successes is a major key. It means the difference between being on the bottom or the top. If you follow these steps and put your full effort in these steps you will become successful and have a happy life.

The first start of any journey is the mindset. First, start with a mindset that puts you with a positive outlook on your goals. Don’t think about the negativity to reach your goals such as cost, time, and failure. Next, make a plan on what you want to do. Organize your plans and find what you want to start with.

Become very in touch with what success means for you. The definition of success is and I quote “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” But in my mind success can be anything you make of it. Just find what it means for you and then live by it. Another thing is modesty weather you believe in god, a higher power, or nothing you must always be modest and always have a kind heart.

Execution is also a huge key to success and happiness. Even if you don’t make the right choice every time you still learn something. This pertains to all aspects of life. Like what Albert Einstein “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” You also need to go out of your comfort zone. Success does not come when you live in a tiny box. It’s about mistakes and finding another way.

These are the simple steps to success. Try them and you will be the happiest person with whatever success you want weather it is money

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, love, joy it doesn’t matter at all these steps will help with every aspect of it.



One of the most dreaded thing to come along with school…homework. So the real question is should school students have homework. In my opinion homework should be non-existent. Here some positives and negative.

First, it allows connection with parents and students. It creates an environment where students can interact and have help from parents instead of just being on their devices. Another reason is it allows students to connect with teachers and helps them teach the lesson more in depth. Finally, it can help students practice for big test and get them prepared. That is why homework is beneficial.

These are the negatives. First, it puts stress on the student and doesn’t give them time to relax and enjoy their childhood. It also can create arguments among family and creates fights. It also can create cheating habits if kids do not finish homework and copy another student’s work. That is the negatives of homework.

What I think should happen with homework. Homework should be gone. Poof. Countries like Finland don’t have homework and they focus on collaboration and they are exceling in the school education. So tell me ladies and gentleman should we have homework?

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History of Metallica

Metallica is one of the most well known rock bands in American history the band began on October 28, 1981 when drummer Lars Ulrich but an ad in the LA newspaper when James Hatfield answered the add with his skill on the guitar soon hatfield recruited his roommate Ron McGovney to play the bass guitar and Dave Mustaine to play the lead guitar they quickly recorded their first ever demo called “No Life ‘Til Leather” this demo blew up and they had shows all over the bay area they soon moved there after convincing Cliff Burton to leave the band Trauma that he was in to replace McGovney. Soon after they blew up on in the bay area they received an offer from the record company Megaforce Records. They soon moved to New York to record their first album shortly after arriving in NYC Mustaine was replaced by the legendary guitarist Kirk Hammett and they began recording their first album “Kill ‘em All.“ That Blew up with riffs like “The Four Horsemen,” “Whiplash” and “Seek and Destroy.” following their first album came “Ride The Lightning,” “Master of Puppets” that hit the Top 30 charts and their 4th album “…And Justice For All” Metallica also released their first self titled album fans know as “The Black Album” and their first-ever official live album they were a duel headline with Guns n’ Roses called “Live Shit: Binge & Purge” over the years Metallica’s fan base grew and they came out with more and more albums. Which leads to today In there 50’s Metallica still goes on tour and even is working on a new album “Hardwired to Self Destruct”metallica-promo-photo-1200x120011