Mr. Nash, an English Teacher With a Big Heart.

Growing up in the mid 1900’s, Mr. Nash lived an interesting teenage life. For one he found himself carefree for most of his teen years, no pressure, good grades and lots of friends for certain. While living his teenage years Mr. Nash was surprisingly different, despite getting good grades and being stress free Mr. Nash was very off task and talkative. While he wasn’t a trouble maker per say, he wasn’t the greatest saint, but was an average teen just like the lot of us. Growing up Nash had always had his priorities straight, given form the fact that he was raised in a special environment with loving parents. At home he’d always maintain expectations clearly, completing his civil duties and even being a caring son was important for Mr. Nash. As a child and even as an adult Mr. Nash had always loved being outside with the luscious scenery of nature. He’d be constantly hiking with friends and found himself innovating in the world of engineering with his woodworking skills, these hobbies set him apart from most people especially most teenagers of this generation. On a lighter note Mr. Nash loves all American foods. “Nothing beats a good old’ American hotdog”, Mr. Nash exclaimed excitedly. This paired with other meats like steak or burgers gives him a special taste in the world of American culture. When asked about the teenagers in this day of age Mr. Nash replied, “Kids today are no different than the ones I grew up with”. In fact for the most part the teenagers of today fill Mr. Nash with pure nostalgia invoking the image of himself in most situations. “Teens are the spittin’ image of my friends”, he replied. Now in his later life Mr. Nash is proud of his position in education and his loving wife and children. In the end Mr. Nash has changed quite a lot form his earlier years but in all actuality he is still the same person, with a big heart.


Mr. McClure’s Interesting Life

Mr. McClure is a study hall teacher, who enjoys working with teenagers.

He is an interesting person due to the things that he does in his off-time, which mostly include travelling, and spending time with his family. He has been on every continent, which is a rather huge achievement since it normally costs a lot to travel intercontinentally. Though travelling would seem to be his passion, his favorite subject in High School was History. His High School life was fun, and the world around him during his High School life was friendly, as everyone seemed to get along. Historical events during his education were the Space Shuttle “Challenger” exploding mid-flight.

Mr. McClure’s teacher life started when his career changed while he was 35 years old, warranting him to pick another career path. He wanted to work in Grand Junction, but Fruita 8/9 offered the first job. The path he took in order to become a teacher involved 5 years of teacher preparation, and 2 years for his master’s degree. However, this person isn’t just about teaching, he’s also about extensively travelling. He has been on every continent. In his spare time when he isn’t travelling, he rides bikes with his family, and overall spends time with them.

My Semester

My semester

                During my semester of Media Productions I learned a lot and enjoyed what I did in here. There are 3 main things, but it definitely isn’t the only thing I learned. I had to have team work to work with my partner and others around me. I had to rely on them to get their job done and do mine at the same time. We all did work and we would help each other when needed, which we did a lot.

I started out in the commercial group doing interviews, and editing commercials. I recorded some but after that I just ended up interviewing for the most part. It took a while to get use to speaking, and the people who we were interviewing always asked questions and we had no clue how to reply to them. After a while I got used to it and as they got out of a class I told them exactly what to do, how to do it, and sometimes what to say if needed. Even though I did a lot of the interviewing I still learned how to work the camera and most of its features, and edit.

We then transitioned to being the news anchor. Nevaeh and I had to edit the news and what we would say. Then speak in front of the camera for basically the whole school to see. It was hard and a little embarrassing to speak in front of the camera. But we quickly learned that reading the screen as we are going and trying to speak normal was the hardest part of all (and Nevaeh gave me a lot of the things to say). Editing the news wasn’t too hard, we had the commercial group that did a lot of it and we just had to put it together and add some music.

Then there came the blogs. Posting wasn’t hard after we learned and our first assignment was getting use to everything. The only problem was researching the topic. It was a little hard to find what I wanted but it ended up working out. I enjoy seeing all the people look at our blogs from across the world to just one state over. I don’t know how someone can find us like that but they find a way.

My classmates and I learned a lot this semester. It was very enjoyable and we did a lot. Almost every week we were busy either maxresdefaultdoing work or helping others. I mainly enjoyed hearing what others had to say about. If they liked it or not, if they wanted to add something. We took in a lot of ideas and always talked about the home games at our school/high school. This semester was very interesting.

Media Productions Final

In media productions this year I learned many things. Those many things I learned have started me on the right path for the future. I learned responsibility, team work, and new skills like, computer skills, and editing skills. With these things I can do more in life because I already have the tools to succeed.  With the right tools you can go far.

This year we had to learn responsibility with the individual jobs we did. For example every Monday we had to do a plan sheet for what we were going to do for the week. So we learned how to plan our week and how to manage our time so we could fit everything in. We also had to manage our time so we could actually get our work done every week. We couldn’t just mess around for a week and get nothing done. You had to manage your time and make sure you got everything done. In the real world with real jobs you have to get your job done or you will be fired so you have to make sure you’re doing your work done. You also have to make sure you put out your best work so you don’t look like your giving your bare minTeamworkimum just to scrape by.

We had to use teamwork. Even though there aren’t very many of us, seven of us to be exact, we still had some problems getting along at the very beginning of the year. I think by the end we all got along much better and I think I understood the importance of teamwork more after this semester. My partner Lance and I had some problems because we butted heads sometimes, but in the end we worked great together and we started to understand each other’s viewpoints. By the end of the year not only did lance and I understand where the other person was coming from we also started to understand what the other ones strengths and weaknesses where so we split the work up to suit our strengths so that we put out the best product we could.. This will help me in the future because you always have those coworkers that you don’t work well with but you are partnered up with anyway. I will already know how to work with them and deal with it. I will also know how to get along with people in general.

This year I also learned many new skills. I learned editing skills and computer skills. With those editing skills I can work towards the kinds of jobs I wanted that work with videos and with the behind the scenes stuff. This will help me because I can get the job I want to that puts me on the right path. I also learned computer skills. I learned good computer skills. This will help me because every job these days has computers involved in the job. I also learned how to type faster. This will help me because the faster I type the faster I can get my work done.

In this semester I learned so much like responsibility, teamwork, and new skills. With all these new skills I have the skills to do many things. Thank you for this opportunity to learn all these new things to help me later on in life Mr. Decker.

Editing for life

Jay Lyons

What comes to your mind when you think of editing, because let me tell you that it’s more than just changing a photo or changing a video to your liking. When you have a team you will understand that it creates more than just a team, it creates almost a small family… many people think that this can’t be used in real life, but you would be surprised what careers are out there. And in fact editing is a huge career that people choose. All it takes is dedication, time, and your full effort!

jynicaFirst off we have photo editing. It’s more than just applying a filter like you do for you Instagram photo. Do you only have a few likes on your photo? Well first off we have a way to get rid of that red eye, it’s quite simple actually. So to get rid of that demonic red eye that you seem to be prone to, well you just click the spot healing brush select the red eye tool. This works best for when it’s set to a 50% pupil size. Next you just drag the tool around the reddened area and then let go. So that’s one way of helping you increase your amount of likes on your Instagram photos.

Next is for when you want to be a famous you tuber. Well for that career you ABSOLUTELY have to know how to edit the video. First off is the pretty easy step. You just have to add your media by clicking the “Add Media” button at the top left corner, then you just select what you want to have for your video. Now you do this with all your videos or pictures you want to add to the video. After adding your media it will be in a little box towards the top left area. When you see that it’s there you just drag it down to the, what I call “Video Track” and it will look pretty weird but that’s OK because you just have some actual editing ahead of you! Now in every video we make mistakes so what you have to do is place the marker where the mistake in the video begins, than select the split button and do the same thing at the end of the mistake. You will have a clip that’s highlighted blue and if you want to delete it then hit the delete button. But if you want bloopers then left click and drag to the part where you want that selected clip to be. Now if you added your photo when you were adding all your media then you drag it onto the overlay track and place it where you want the overlay in the video. See, editing is a simple task, it just takes time to learn and you have to be dedicated!

I have to say my favorite would be blogging. So for blogging you can do almost anything in the world with blogging. You can simply post your work on Watt pad or be a famous New York Times writer. But in order to do this you have to be interested in the selected topic, whether you chose the topic or not. But if you are interviewing someone then that’s a different story. They have to like what you are doing with them and that the topic is appropriate, so A: make sure you (or if interviewing someone them too) are interested in the topic and that it’s interesting to make the reader want more of what ya got! And B: you have to have to be interested in every part of the process. It doesn’t matter if you were forced to write the topic but you have to dedicate and be interested. So if you ever decide to write a book or just an article, those are the main keys to having a great piece of work!

In conclusion, whether you are making a career in videography, photography, or writing. You have to be dedicated to each one of them because when you do one of the topics you most likely will have to have the other topic connect. Dedication, concentration, interest, and staying positive. You will end up being successful in anything, not just editing…

My Last Days In Media Production


My semester in this class was amazing. I learned a lot of new things that really interest me and I have really awesome school mates to help and my amazing teacher Mr. Decker who kept me motivated and told me to keep going. Honestly when I first came in this class I felt like everyone in the classroom was rude and I wouldn’t be able to speak my mind, but my teacher didn’t let that happen he told everyone to speak your mind and no one will judge you in here. Once I was stuck in a situation he would come to help me and would step by step show me how to do things. I can proudly say I learned so much in media productions this year with Mr. Decker.

I learned how to use a camera this year. I didn’t know how to use a camera before I came in this class I only knew how to take a picture on a camera and Mr. Decker expanded my learning. This skill is really nice to use in the future because I’ve always wanted to become a photographer. With this skill I could really expand my career in the future.  I even wanted to start YouTube and Mr. Decker helped me know which camera is good and which one is not and how to use a camera and all the supplies that come with a camera when recording. Even if I don’t get to become a photographer I can still use this skill in my everyday life and the best part is I can teach other people how to use this skill.

With learning how to use a camera my teacher Mr. Decker taught me how to edit a recording with a certain app that I think is useful and I’ve actually started using and experiencing more. Going into the future with this skill is amazing because I’ve always had this wild dream of being famous and doing movies I think we have all been there? Can you relate? You never know where the future is going to take you so when having this skill I may actually end up editing movies and having that as my career. Even if I don’t have that wild dream come true I can use this skill as a hobby and teach other people this skill and learning more and more as I explore.

I’m also proud to say that Mr. Decker has taught me how to be more professional with people during an interview and how to interview people more professionally. This certain skill can actually be so useful during the future, like for instance when I go interview for a job my teacher has taught me how to be professional and serious about interviews and if and when I become a person to interview people for a job I know most expectations and I’ve had experience with it.

I honestly love media productions with Mr. Decker because I’ve learned more than I hoped from him and I’ve been treated with much respect from him and my classmates. Honestly I’m sad I have to leave this class for the semester it’s such an amazing class and it seems to me that I’ve grown so much in this class this year.


Pc vs Console

Pc vs. Console is highly arguable. Everyone that plays console argues that it’s the best, and everyone that plays pc says that its better.  It seems like more people play pc, but only know a few games. They may be big titles but usually people who play console know a lot more games that are out for sale. The reason could be they don’t sell pc games at your local GameStop, only console. So you have to find the game online or from a friend, there’s also a rare chance you will see it in an ad. I play both pc and console, I believe that console is a laid back feel, unless you are going competitive.  But pc is easy to use, so a lot of peopleImage result for pc vs console are good at it. People tend to be good at pc games because of the controls so it makes it a lot more competitive and fun. I believe pc is the favored one of most console and pc players. Mainly all major games are set at a price of 60$. That’s actually the minimum game creators go, for the people that think it’s expensive (kind of is). But pc games price tend to go down faster. 62% of gamers play pc while 56% of games player console. What about the cost for both the pc and console. The Xbox One S is
around $$350 with featured games at 1 TB. However pc’s average cost around $500-700. But you can also do so much more with a pc. In the end they are both battling it out to be in the top spot, and I don’t think any of them will win anytime soon




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Apple vs. Samsung

The IPhone 7 and the Samsung s7 have the some similarities and differences. For example both phones have claimed to be water proof. With Samsung’s new Galaxy s7 you can have up to 256GB Samsung says goodbye to blurry picture and hello to low light pictures that looks great with their new camera. IPhone has two cameras and that is supposed to 2x the normal zooms you can get those up close and personal shots. In the picture to the iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: comparison of the quality of the shotright, the phones cameras may look the same but if you look closely you can see that the s7 has more of a pink color to it and the colors look lighter on the s7. On the IPhone picture the flower looks redder and the colors look a little more natural. We won’t know what the flower really looked like but pic which one you could like to see more. Both of these phones they both keep up with each other. The Samsung s7 says it has made the wireless charging faster and easier to charge your phone from 0-100 in no time. The new and improved lightning charger for the IPhone 7 says to charge the phone faster. Both new phones now have a way to pay using your phone using the wallet apps. The two phones have a lot that they fight about but they are more alike than we think.


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How did snowboarding start?

Snow boarding started with a guy named Jack Burchett. He had a plank of ply wood, tied together with horse reins, that was his new invention. 30 years later an eighth grade student named Tom Sims (who eventually created the sims snowboards), who was obsessed with skate boarding made a “ski board” as a woodwork project. It was a rounded plank of pine with a nose kick in the front and a carpet on top to supply much needed traction. The bottom had aluminium and candle wax that would supply the sliding action that allowed him to surf across the snow. it caught the eye of a few people here and there but it didn’t get caught commercially until 1965. A dad was trying to get his kids out of the house on a snowy day, so he invented the Snurfer (snow and surf together). It was 2 children’s skis bolted together and a length of cord for balance. Eventually he had the neighborhood at his doorstep asking for the same thing, and 6 months later the snurfer was patented and manufactured. Even after that everyone saw it was a kids toy, nothing for adults. 1972 Dimitrije Milovich made the first snosnowboardwboard as we know them today. But even if people started riding them, the ski resorts wouldn’t let them in, they said that their insurance policy didn’t cover them. He later showed them up with a written confirmation from major insurance brokers for ski resorts. That is when everything changed. Later the growing sport was recognized by the winter Olympics, and team GB sent 7 snowboard athletes to sochi to compete in the snowboard slope style. The on going sport has blown up, remember to wear the proper gear if you ever decide to try it out, I encourage you to.




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YouTube is an amazing place where people can be themselves, and be whoever they want to be. The creators where Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim out of a garage in Menlo Park. The started working on the idea at a dinner party in San Francisco in 204, and after that, it didn’t take long for YouTube to take off and gain popularity. People watch approximately four billion hours’ worth of video each month, and 72 hours’ worth of video is uploaded every minute. This video sharing sit has jump started many careers like Justin Biebers and Psy (the guy who sung Gangnam Style).  This amazing video sharing forum has created many jobs besides just the ones for the many singers. It has also help start careers for many people who have committed their lives to making people happy on the internet and giving people a place to escape to wyoutube-logohen life is hard in the real world. The most subscribed YouTuber is PewDiePie with 49,184,005 million subscribers. He has made his life work making people happy and giving them a place to escape to. YouTube is a very important place to me. That’s where I go when life gives me lemons, I make lemonade out of it and go escape to the YouTube world.



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