The Talented Mrs. LaCount

Most people will say that Mrs. LaCount is either scary or mean but that’s the kids that don’t have her for a teacher. If you were to ask any students that have or have had her for a teacher they would say otherwise, But I chose her because her appearance may look mean but she is one of the most caring, and supporting teacher I have ever meet. Mrs. LaCount is not your typical teacher she is honest and will be there for you.

Mrs. LaCount had a pretty normal childhood. She was the youngest of two, she has one older sister who is 17 months older then her. LaCount was an active kid. She not only played soccer but she was also a swimmer. LaCount went to Fruita. When she was in high school she kind of isolated herself she just wanted to finish school. She graduated in 2001. After high school LaCount went to collage here in Grand Junction at Colorado Mesa University Where she studied English and she also has a master’s degree in teacher’s leadership.IMG_1589

After collage LaCount was a phlebotomist which means she drew blood for a living.  The moment she knew she wanted to be a teacher was the first time a teacher believed in her. Not only is Mrs. LaCount an amazing teacher but she is a wonderful, loving and supporting mother. LaCount has 2 kids a beautiful eight year old girl named and a handsome six year old boy named .but before these two she met her husband through a friend when she was only sixteen years old. Since then they have been happily married for ten years now.

I chose Mrs. LaCount because she is the only teacher I have ever had who was able to get me to feel confident when giving a speech. Each day I look forward to her class. Mrs. LaCount is my idea of a perfect teacher, you can have your own opinion but that is mine.

The amazing Ms. Weber

Here at the Fruita 8/9 school we have one of our amazing counselors named Ms. Weber, Her door is always open for anyone in need. She will sit down with you in her office and listen for hours and try to find you a solution. She is dedicated to help you in any way she can, MS. Weber hopes you leave her office happy and a proud wildcat. Ms. Weber try’s her best to not have any conflict and make Fruita a better place for our students. She will encourage you in school, and you can tell her anything because your secret will be safe with her. Ms. Weber always wants to help you in anyway and she is a good friend.

Ms. Weber grew up with a lot of friends where she was born on the country side of New York. She soon moved when she was 2, she didn’t live in New York for long. Ms. Weber moved to San Diego, California and lived there for 30 years.  In California Ms. Weber became a bank teller before she was a teacher or a counselor.  She always wanted to be a teacher, Ms. Weber taught kids kindergarten through 5th grade. She became a counselor because some of her kids would come up to her as a teacher and tell her their problems Ms. Weber then thought “I should become a counselor.”  Ms. Weber had to move to Colorado because of her husband’s job.IMG_1598

Did you know Ms. Weber likes to travel, she gets to go to Hawaii every year! That’s not the only place she has traveled, Ms. Weber has been to Africa, Canada, and Mexico! Ms. Weber says she likes Mexico the most because all in high school and in college she studied Spanish. She says Spanish was fun because her Spanish teacher made it fun. In grade school she loved school, it was weird for her in middle school but she managed. As a little kid she did softball in little league till she was 16.

Ms. Weber has two siblings and she is a great mom to her kids. Her kids sure did grow up fast Ms. Weber is already a grandma. She loves watching her grandkids play and do sports. In her free time she likes to go hiking and walks.

We have an amazing counselor that will help you in any way she can, thank you again for everything Ms. Weber. Were glad you’re here as a wildcat we couldn’t as for any one better.


I started media production the third semester but I wasn’t really excited at first but then I saw how much fun it would be because of all my friends that were in the

I first learned how to use Photoshop witch was pretty easy and fun to use but we didn’t really use it at all after that. We could use it whenever we had any time ones we are done with our project for the day.

Next we started to blog on our d51 site but I was not really good at typing really long paragraphs but try my hardest at everything we do in this class. I think I’m more a video taper than a blogger in my case.

Finally I learn how to make announcements for the school by editing the clips for each video that I and nick made. This was the easiest part of the whole class.

So in conclusion I really like this class.

Media Productions Final

Media production classes in school can be helpful in many different ways. It teaches you the basics of technology and gives you a chance to experience it yourself. It’s useful because if you’ve got a job in technology or office, it’s helpful to be able to make digital visuals/presentations.

I found video editing a very important thing to learn because of what I want to do with my future and spare time. It’s very useful to know how to use a camera if you’re going to be filming stuff later on. It’s also important to know how to treat and clean your equipment, so it performs to its fullest and functions the best.

Learning how to edit videos was also important for me. It gives you a lot of freedom and choice as to what you do and what content is in your video. This is important because variety is key. You also don’t want to watch a shaky, poorly done video. It makes it easier on the eyes.

One last thing. It’s important to know how to make proper audio. If the audio is shaky and muffled, people won’t really understand what you’re saying. It’s better to have a clean, smooth audio that’s pleasant to listen to and easy to understand.

Overall, media productions teaches you to be timely and organized, which is extremely important in the job world. Most jobs out there also have something to do with computers and files, so it’s best to have a basic idea on most of these things. Media productions is a very fun, educating class. I think it’s worth the while.

media productions

Sivakumar_Gautham_stepfellow_editedThis year I took media production a class at Fruita 89. This is no normal class it uses a system where the students are separated into groups. So the is never just one thing with its multiple options on what to do. You can learn a lot just by being in the class.

The first group I was in was the announcements group. In the group we made the daily announcements for the whole school to see. In this you are learning to edit or act. First I did editing where I put everything together for people to see. Next I was one of the announcers and read the prompt screen to give people the news.

Next I did the blog group where I wrote on topics for the school website. I made an account and begun to write. We did multiple topics like an interview and one of your own choice. It helps you learn writing skills and how to be a blogger.

Lastly I did the commercial group which was very fun. In this one you and the rest of the people in your group will record the commercials for the announcements group to use on the announcements. We recorded things like interviews, took pictures, or just normal commercials.

This was a very fun class and I am happy I took it. I learned good skills like time management so I can turn things in on time. Also I learned new editing skills so I can make better videos with a more professional look about them. Lastly I learned recording and acting skills for if I wanted to make my own videos. This was a great class and I’m very happy I took it.


Media Production Final

The first day of media productions, I never knew what to expect. I never thought I would do the announcements for my school. I never thought I would edit videos or interview other students and staff. Although the announcements were a little rough, I had fun all semester.

There are many things in media productions that I learned. One of them happened to be how to edit films in videopad. In Videopad we made the announcements, first day video for upcoming students, and a Freshman FAQ video. Inside of videopad while making videos you can cut out mistakes, add transitions and effects to make the video much more exciting. Knowing how to edit videos is important to know at a young age because you never know what your career is going to be in the final

The second thing I learned is to work on a schedule. During the class we had assignments that had a certain due date. If you missed the due date, everyone else would be behind just because you missed one due date. Working on a schedule is very important because at work you have to work on a schedule every day or you will be fired. Also, working on a schedule creates good time management as well!

The third and final thing I learned is how to interview people. In the beginning of the semester I wanted to interview people but when it came time I was nervous and didn’t know what to ask the student. As time went on I got better and that’s a good thing because knowing how to interview people is a very important skill because many jobs these days require you to interview people and write and them.

In conclusion, throughout the semester I had fun in Media Productions, making the announcements, interviewing people, and learning how to use new and different computer programs.


Media Production Final

During my semester in media production I have learned many thing. Not only that but I have learned skills I will be able to take with me throughout high school and beyond and use in my future. Three of the most important things I have learned are how to work with a timeline, how to record videos, and how to edit videos in Video Pad. These are skills that I will be able to use in high school and much more.

First, learning how to record videos is a skill I have learned in Media Production. I learned how to make videos a certain length and not waste any time, it’s an important skill to not waste any time and get straight to the point. This is a skill that I know I will be able to apply to my future and use far beyond just media production.

Second, I learned how to use Video Pad. Video Pad is an app used to edit videos and make them perfect, you can add text over your videos and put different clips into one bigger video. I learned how to get to the point in a video and make sure my audience doesn’t get bored. I also learned how to make a video appealing to the eye and make it so people become interested in my video. This is a skill I will be able to use whenever I am presenting. Knowing how to make something appealing to your audience and keep them interested is something I will be able to use all through my future.

Finally, in media productions we were always working with a timeline. Learning how to get things done in one class hour was challenging but very educational. I learned how to stay focused and make sure I was doing exactly what needed to be done. Learning how to work with a timeline is a skill I know for fact I will use every day in my future and I’m very fortunate to have learned a skill so young thanks to this class.

In conclusion this class has taught me many skills I will be able to use far beyond this class and far beyond just school. I will be able to apply these things I have learned to my everyday life and into my future for an overall successful one. Thanks to this class I have developed important skills at such a young age and I will be able to take them and become even better at them.

What I learned in Media Productions

cpuIn Media Production, I learned a bunch of things. Whether it’s what to do on computers, or if it’s skills that I learned for future work. The 3 main things I learned in this class are that you have to be social, I now know how to edit a video with effects, and I learned that teamwork is important. There are many reasons why these skills are important. They can all help me in the future with school and/or work.

Being social isn’t a bad thing. You have to be social to have fun, otherwise, you won’t make any friends. It could also help you bring out the spontaneous creativity in yourself, if you are social, you would know how to mae friends but still be professional. Being social is a huge skill that will help everyone succeed in their career. Being Social will help with any work environment throughout the career of anyones life.

In Media Production, the first thing taught in the class is how to edit a video. Editing a video also means you know how to make a good video. Knowing how to make a video also means knowing how to use a camera. It’s a lot easier if you know what lighting to use and what zoom and angle. Getting used to simple commands for a video editor is the most useful for special effects. You can use this skill in the future if you choose a career in technology or television.

Teamwork is also a great skill for almost everything in life. It will help you do almost anything. If you can’t work with a team, your whole project will fall apart. Teaming up with people makes everyone’s work a little laidback. If you team up with the right people, you can make a perfect plan for the project. Teamwork is going to come in handy when in school and work, especially if you don’t like the people, because you would know how to get along with basically anyone.

In conclusion, Media Producion has taught me a ton of life skills that will help with almost anything in life. Media Production is on of the most useful classes for my future that I will ever take.

Should It Be Legal to Own Exotic Animals

Should It Be Legal to Own Exotic Animals?LION

                It has recently become a popular thing to buy exotic animals such as tigers and monkeys. These animals are often used to show off status especially big cats like tigers and cheetahs. A study has been shown that most of these animals die within the first two weeks because of improper caring and development. The animals that are being sold are often sold too young and haven’t had the time to properly develop with the right care. Not only that but when they are sold the people that are buying them don’t know how to properly take care of them too.

People don’t understand the commitment that these animals require, such as monkeys. People think that is will be like owning a dog or cat but monkeys are one of the most social species out there and require a lot of affection and care such as a human would. When monkeys are left alone often and caged they become mentally unstable which is not only extremely sad and unhealthy for the animal it can also turn to violence which can put the owner in danger as well.

A lot of the time these animals are also animals that are in danger and slowly beginning to extinct. Instead of continuing to put these animals in danger and letting them extinct we should focus on breeding the animals healthy and helping them grow in the wild instead of an individual’s personal need of the animal. Animals such as snakes and cats can get very big and can be dangerous. Big and wild animals like this aren’t meant to be kept in small areas. Although some people do have a lot of room for these animals it’s different from a jungle that not only has lots of other creatures but huge trees and greens.

Although people normally have good intentions of having these animals as pets that’s not what they are meant to be. These animals are meant to be hunters and rom free in their own home just as humans get to do. It has been shown that we can help breed these animals and help them become not extinct. Animals are not meant to be kept up in a house with no other interactions with other animals. It is not right to take an animal out of its wild habitat and train it as though it is not supposed to be a wild animal. Wild animals were not created and meant to be a personal pet of humans.

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College Education

Is College Education Really Worth it?

            Some people ask the question, is college really worth the time? Should I pay thousands and thousands of dollars to relearn what I have already learned in the past? All of these are good questions, and the answer to these questions is yes. College is needed to get a degree and with that degree you can get a good job.

First off, college is the best years of your life. You will encounter so many new experiences you never thought you would have. You will meet new people with different cultural backgrounds and you can learn so much about different cultures around the world. Next, if you learn about a certain culture and you travel to that place, you will know their special ‘routines’ and respects so you don’t disrespect anyone or the culture itself.

Next, even though college is a lot of money, if you get a good degree you can then pay off the student debts, and loans within a few years. In a recent Pew Research Center survey of about 2,000 people, young adults with bachelor’s degrees earned a median income of $45,500 in 2012. For people in the same age group (between 25 and 32) with two-year degrees or some college experience, median income dropped to $30,000. Those who maxed out at high-school graduation earned $28,000 (Sohn).college degree Also, some jobs give benefits. Some benefits include a flexible schedule, vacation time, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and more. With a good job, you can make a living. You can buy a house, car, food, and other needed resources for you and your family. The 2008 poverty rate for bachelor’s degree holders was 4%, compared to a 12% poverty rate for high school graduates. [11] In 2005, married couples with bachelor’s degrees were least likely to be below the poverty line (1.8%) compared to 2.7% of associate’s degree holders, 4.6% of couples with some college, and 7.1% of high school graduates. [21] According to the US Census Bureau, 1% of college graduates participated in social support programs like Medicaid, National School Lunch Program, and food stamps compared to 8% of high school graduates in 2008 (ProCon).

Lastly, if you make a lot of money, you will be happy. In order to successful, you need to be happy. If you are not happy, you will never think of the positives within your job. Most importantly, think of the positives! Positivity within the workplace creates good chemistry between the employees. With good chemistry comes good attitude, and bosses like good attitudes. If you are nice to your fellow employees, you might get a raise in the future. To conclude this piece, college is really worth all the money in the long run, think about it. In a few short years, you can pay off debts, live a happy life, and make a lot of money.




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